The WoW developers have created a monument to the horse Greymane in the Shadowlands: You can get hold of the dead horse of the Browwhirl in the Shadowlands as a mount, which will then transport you through the world of Warcraft in an eerie, vengeful red under the name Sin

ful Mane of Grey.

Some players have already unlocked Sinful Mane of Grey as a mount in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) (how to do that, you can read in our guide to the mount) - and discovered yet another Easter Egg. If you ride to Westfall on the back of the Sinful Mane Greymane and search for Greymane's corpse, you will find out that the Sinful Mane does not like to see her lifeless body again. A message in the chat will inform you that the Sinful Mane cries out in agony and then slowly fades away. The horse will immediately throw you off, and you'll have to summon it again away from the location to get back on.

It's understandable that Greymane reacts with horror to the place of her death: After all, the Defias murdered the horse and its owners, the Browwhirlers, during the cataclysm in order to seize their land including the deed to Westfall. What Greymane has done to deserve an afterlife in Revendreth remains to be seen - but perhaps it's somehow related to her hatred of the Def


If you're now wondering what happens when you visit Greymane with Sin Mane in the grizzly hills of Northrend, Wowhead says you'll be disappointed: namely, Sin Mane shows no reaction toward her alter ego in the forests of the icy north


Source: WowheadSupport

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