Nathanos Pestrufer and his hunt for the death loa Bwonsamdi are the focus of the new WoW novel The Rise of Shadows. From the English edition of the book, we know that Pestrufer will fail and Bwonsamdi will be able to escape to the Shadowlands. For the pre-event of WoW Shadowlands, Nathanos shows up as a world boss at his old estate in the Eastern Plaguelands. He taunts the Horde and Alliance heroes and challenges them to battle.

Caution, spoilers follow now!
WoW: This is what happens to Nathanos Pestrufer at the Shadowlands pre-event [spoiler!] (3) Source: buffed Players can already fight against Pestrufer on the PTR server. Shortly before Nathanos loses the battle, the developers play a cinematic. At the moment, however, the screen only briefly turns black and a placeholder hint appears. However, the dialogs we hear after the fight against Nathanos tell us that Tyrande Wisperwind personally gives Nathanos the death blow.

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Alliance players will get this dialog text after the battle when submitting the quest:
Greymane: I have faced the Blightcaller before. A pity I wasn't there to help end him. At long last, one of the architects of the Fourth War was brought to justice.
Greymane: I envy Tyrande for landing the killing blow. Though I fear it did little to bring her peace. The power within her seems to be growing stronger, more insistent.
Greymane: Our hunt for Sylvanas continues. We must find where she's taken Anduin, Jaina, and the others. Do not relent, champion. Bring them home.

Heroes of the Horde meet Lor'themar at the end of the quest. His words reconfirm that Tyrande kills Nathanos:
Lor'themar: In life, Nathanos Marris was a braggart and a bully. In death, his worst traits were only magnified.
Lor'themar: At long last, the Blightcaller has met the justice he deserved. I only regret I was not there to see it done.
Lor'themar: I cannot begrudge Tyrande Whisperwind for claiming the killing blow. I only hope the Night Warrior's rage remains fixed upon Sylvanas.
Calia: I do not wish to speak out of turn. Regent Lord, but I have given counsel to the kaldorei who were raised into undeath after the battle for Darkshore.
Calia: I believe I have helped them find a path forward. Perhaps if I spoke of them to the High Priestess, it might help ease her spirit, if only a little.
Lor'themar: Lilian Voss has told us of your efforts, Lady Menethil. Let us hope fate offers us a chance to see your kind offer bear fruit.

But as we have learned recently, death in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) does not mean the end. This means that Nathanos' story is not over either. After all, in the Shadowlands we meet many Warcraft characters who have been dead for a long time.

WoW: This is what happens to Nathanos Pestrufer at the Shadowlands pre-event [Spoiler!] (1) Source: IcyVeins At the end of The Rise of Shadows, Sylvanas sends Nathanos away. Her orders are that he should wait for her in the Plaguelands. Nathanos' reaction, however, makes it clear that he knows exactly what fate awaits him. As bitter as it is for him, he must distract our heroes and thus buy time for his queen to complete her mission. Here is the excerpt from the WoW book Rise of Shadows with Sylvanas' farewell:

"Sylvanas slid her gaze from his bubbling lips to the tower looming above. His failure would complicate things considerably, and soured the triumph that a moment ago felt so complete. She raised her head higher, closing her eyes briefly. In the back of her mind, Saurfang's baritone mocked her: You just keep failing! With a snarl, she silenced the long-dead voice and dug her nails into her gloved palms. Nathanos stared at her, and his lips quivering with rage, his veneer cracking as he struggled, no doubt, to contain all the excuses and justifications he had prepared and that she would not hear. Sylvanas could strike him, scream and hollow out his soul, but it would not correct the failing. Only forward momentum would do that. This was a blow, but one she felt sure they could overcome. It would not be easy, but then, her mission required great sacrifice.


Must I tell you to go?"

Nathanos swallowed hard, crusing the vial in his hands, a crunch like bone. The shimmering dust slid between his fingers like sand.


I will return to the Marris Stead, my lady, and await your orders. "

She heard the note of hope in his voice, fragile as a fledgling dropped from the nest.

"Go where you will, Nathanos, but do not be idle. The loa knows the Shadowlands well, I expect you will return to me with means to prevent his meddling." Sylvanas flicked her fingers, as if ridding herself of a speck of much.


s hard to imagine Nathanos simply disappearing overnight


The story of Pestrufer will certainly continue in Shadowlands. We must not forget that he is Sylvanas' trump card - and she always plays it when her opponents least expect it.

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