Legendary items in WoW are supposed to be something special. That's why our characters can equip a maximum of two of them at the same time in Patch 9.2 - actually, anyway. This is because an exploit, which apparently already existed on the update's PTR, allows players to equip Legendarys in every matching slot at once.

With seven Legendarys against the Dungeon Master

We won't explain in detail how the exploit works here to prevent imitation. Just this: Apparently, the bug is related to the legendary item Cord of Unity and the crafting of Legendarys at the Runecutter. Those who exploit the exploit can equip legendary items in all available legendary slots at the same time. However, their legendary effects are then inactive - only item level and attributes are preserved. So the benefit of the exploit is limited.

Some players have apparently exploited this exploit anyway. Currently, screenshots and videos of two characters are circulating, one of whom is using his new equipment directly in battle against the dungeon master on Mythic+ difficulty. At this point, we will refrain from linking to the corresponding threads in social media, because the exploit is explained there.

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All in all, we strongly assume that the WoW developers will soon apply a hotfix to the WoW live servers to fix the bug with the Legendary slots. Players who have exploited the exploit can almost certainly expect to be banned. So you should definitely not try to equip more than two legendary items yourself via this bug. Because then you will almost certainly receive a penalty from the developers.

Source: reddit, Icy-Veins

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