While it hardly came as a surprise, those affected classes and playstyles in WoW will be happy to hear about it nonetheless. Even before the launch of the mythic version of the new raid, Sanctum of Domination, Blizzard announced the first hotfixes regarding class balancing. Although this performed quite well in our first DpS check, there were still some construction sites. The hunters were probably the biggest of them. While not beaten, they were way down there with all three classes. Of course there have to be specs that are at the bottom, but it is very bitter when three of the five weakest specs belong to one class. Therefore, all three hunter specs get to enjoy whopping buffs.

The fire mages also get a good boost. Although there are strong alternatives with Frost and Arcane, Blizzard apparently wanted to prevent the popular spec from plummeting so low that too many players would feel forced to switch - which would also possibly result in a change of pact in addition to a new Legendary. The same goes to a lesser extent for the Affliction Warlocks.

The only class to take a small nerf is the Shadow Priest. In addition to a Medium, a Spell and thus damage and self-healing will be minimally weakened.
All of these adjustments won't be active until the upcoming ID change on Wednesday, however.


  • Beast Domination
    • The damage of Kill Order, Cobra Shot, Spiked Arrow, Multiple Shot , and Lethal Shot has been increased by 15 percent.
  • Marksmanship
    • Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Multiple Shot, and Rapid Fire damage increased by 10 percent.
    • Deadly Shot damage increased by 15 percent.
  • Survival
    • Snake Venom, Barrel Fire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Mung Bite, Flank Attack , and Lethal Shot damage increased by 10 percent.


  • Fire
    • Fireball deals 20 percent more damage.
    • Fire Str ike deals 15 percent more damage.
    • Pyro Str ike deals 5 percent more damage.


  • Shadow
    • Devouring Plague deals 8 percent less damage.
    • Void Lightning damage from Dissonant Echoes medium reduced by 5 percent.


  • Affliction
    • The damage of all spells has been increased by 5 percent.
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