Warcraftlogs is the great place to go when it comes to evaluating logs from WoW. Once uploaded, you can view almost every detail of the recorded battles and search for errors or improvement possibilities. And other analysis websites like Wipefest or Wowanalyzer are based on exactly this data. These sites take the data, process it, and give you very clear indications of what might be going wrong, where you can improve, and where you should be especially attentive. Therefore, these pages are quite popular especially among ambitious raiders and their guilds.

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The just mentioned Wipefest has now been bought by the top dog Warcraftlogs and integrated into their own network. For the time being, however, little will change for the users. The preparations for Castle Nathria are already in full swing and will offer all users the usual quality - according to the developers. In the medium and long term, however, visitors to Wipefest can look forward to new functions of the tool. Apart from the exchange of information behind the scenes, the merger has a few very tangible advantages. For example, Wipefest is no longer limited in its access to Warcraftlogs data, but can access three of everything. This alone ensures that there will soon be further analysis options such as positioning or distances between players. However, this will probably not yet be the case in Castle Nathria in Shadowlands.

Following is the announcement from the developers of Wipefest:

Hi everyone,

This is the most exciting announcement I've ever made!

A lot of you will know that I've been developing Wipefest in my spare time for 3 and a half years. It started out as a passion project to help my guild work out and refine tactics for progression, and since then it has grown and grown and grown based on community feedback.

Wipefest tries to fill a niche that I felt didn't have as much focus at the time: mechanical analysis. It does this by using the Warcraft Logs API to gather data from logged encounters to show summaries of performance and potential improvements.

Kihra at Warcraft Logs has always been really helpful in supporting Wipefest (and other developers that use the Warcraft Logs API) - always answering any questions and quickly fixing any issues on the rare occasion that something started behaving differently


Both Wipefest and Warcraft Logs are aligned on our goals to provide awesome tooling to the World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) gaming community, so I'm really excited to announce that Wipefest is joining the Warcraft Logs family through an acquisition, and I'm going to start working on both products full-time! That means I'll be able to spend so much more time making these tools as awesome and as helpful as they can be.

So, what does this mean? In the short-term: very little will change. You can still count on Wipefest, and I've already started updating the site so that it will be ready for Castle Nathria. And in the long-term? We're not completely sure yet. For sure, there will be a wider feature-set than ever before across both applications, due to the extra engineering resources and shared knowledge that we'll have. There will be some kind of integration between Wipefest and Warcraft Logs, but we're not entirely sure on the details or timing.

What does an integration between Wipefest and Warcraft Logs mean? Well, for starters, it's going to remove all the limitations that I currently have when designing new mechanical insights. Currently, I have to limit the amount of data that I request from Warcraft Logs, but in the future I'll have access to every single combat event in the log when generating analysis.

I'm most excited about being able to know the position of every player and NPC at any point in the fight. This will be able to open the doors to much smarter insights, such as working out what has gone wrong in a Ra-den Vita/Void soaking rotation, or how far away players are from the Brutal Enforcer on Vexiona, and why are certain people getting gripped?

I'm really looking forward to Shadowlands and working out new ways to help us all progress through the tiers. Thank you all for your continued support!

- YaxSupport

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