Mounts in WoW are much more than a simple way to move faster. They are both a status symbol and a collector's item. Whether it's the special mount from the mythical final boss, or the dragon that requires many hours of farming

- the right mount lets you show off what you've accomplished in WoW. Thus, they have partially replaced the armor sets from days gone by.

Others simply collect the mounts without being interested in what the respective mount represents. For them, it's just about gathering as many animals as possible in the stable. The Spectral Tiger is one of the most sought-after and expensive mounts in WoW. Source: Blizzard

Expensive TCG mounts in WoW (buy now )

While you can get most mounts within the game, there are some exceptions. For example, there are the various store mounts, which can be obtained for a few euros in the WoW store. WoW: Almost 5,000 dollars for a mount? Who can afford it... Source: Ebay Or the promo mounts that you get here and there, for example, when you participate in special promotions in Hearthstone

or other Blizzard games.

And there are the TCG mounts. These come, like the TCG-Pets from the WoW Trading Card Game from Blizzard. Within this trading card game, there are special cards that are not only suitable for the actual card game, but are also provided with a redeemable WoW code. This allows you to add special mounts and pets to your collection that are not available any other way. And since most of the Trading Card Game has been discontinued and sold for a long time, such special cards and codes reach enormous prices among collectors.

Almost $5,000 for a card!

On Ebay you can find such cards or codes every now and then. Only recently a spectral tiger reached a price of 4,900 dollars! That's over 30 years of WoW playtime or nearly 75 million gold per token. A handsome price for a not even that pretty mount.
WoW: Almost 5,000 dollars for a mount? Who can afford it... Source: Ebay However, it may be doubted that the spectral tiger in question will ever run across the meadows of Azeroth. After all, many of these cards, especially in such pristine condition (with the scratch-off area over the code intact) are not redeemed, but are considered collectibles and investments. And if you look at how much the prices have risen over the years, there are probably worse investment opportunities for your money.

Have you ever treated yourself to a TCG mount or pet? Or maybe you've even played WoW's collectible card games yourself?

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