Rogues in WoW can only look envious when they see Rextroy oneshot players without breaking his invisibility to do so. The whip-smart Paladin player has switched to Druid for his latest video and defeats his opponents with a few clever tricks and WoW's broken PvP scaling without touching them or even coming out of stealth for it. This makes for puzzled faces and funny reactions in chat among his victims.

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Similar to his video where he oneshots players with Shield of the Righteous, he relies on the Essence Nullification Barrier mechanic or the Null Barrier effect for his stealth kills. This gives you a shield that absorbs damage and later distributes the absorbed damage evenly to nearby targets when the shield breaks.

To procc the barrier, Rextroy summons The Thing from Beyond, which becomes active at 40 Corruption. To do this, of course, he must first take damage. For this he uses the alcoholic drink Sulfuron Water, which inflicts some damage on him. So the absorption value of the barrier must be accurately estimated so that the thing from beyond also proct the barrier.

As soon as the add spawns and hits Rextroy, he uses his legendary cloak to free himself from the remaining corruption effects and sneaks to the next player, who is blown up by the Null Barrier's explosion effect. "But Zero Barrier doesn't do that much damage," you might remark now. That's right. In order for the effect to oneshot players, Rextroy dons his set of really bad gear when sneaking up on the enemy so that he does more damage thanks to PvP scaling. Thank you, PvP scaling, for another BfA highlight...

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