A few days after the official announcement of the new WoW expansion Dragonflight, many fans are asking the question: when will we finally be able to travel to the new Dragon Isles areas ourselves? While the actual release of the expansion and probably also the beta are still some distance away, at least one small detail gives some hope that at least the dataminers might be able to get their hands on it very soon.

Alpha could launch mid-June

As the editors of Wowhead found out, a first build of WoW 10.0

has appeared on the internal Wowdev server at Blizzard. However, this build is encrypted, so the dataminers cannot analyze it yet. Nevertheless, a few conclusions can already be drawn from the build and its release date.

In the case of WoW Shadowlands, the first encrypted build came onto the dev server on February 19, 2020. The alpha started less than two months later, on April 09, 2020, while the beta opened its doors on July 15, 2020. If the developers follow a similar schedule again with Dragonflight, we might be able to take our first steps in the alpha of the new WoW expansion in just a few weeks

. We can therefore expect the Dragonflight alpha to begin in mid-June 2022. Read also these interesting stories 6

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Of course, only the WoW development team at Blizzard knows how long it will actually take until the start of the alpha and beta, let alone the actual release of Dragonflight - and they may not even have a concrete date for Patch 10.0 yet. But we are sure: The alpha launch will not be long

in coming. In any case, we are very curious when it will start and the big data mining battle for the next WoW expansion can begin.

Source: Wowhead

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