"Hey hunter, nice pet you got there!" - "I'm not a Pet!" replies the Wildness Druid. A joke as old as WoW itself. Some even claimed over time that hunter pets would do more damage than druids, and in one patch or another that almost got there. Whoever was on the road with the Amulet of Eternal Winter

in the past few days could now put this classic joke into practice - and didn't even have to be a hunter to do it.

Actually, the amulet, which you can capture from the hunter Alitmor, a boss in the current raid Castle Nathria, is supposed to allow you to charm a wild animal every hour so that it serves as your companion in battle for five minutes. This worked quite well so far and could be helpful for one or the other class when completing world quests.

What was probably not intended by the developers is the fact that the amulet also considers druids as wild animals. At least when they are in one of their animal forms. And so the wearers of the amulet could not only take over any animals in the wilderness of the Shadowlands, but also wandering druids. These were then enchanted for a full five minutes and had no chance to defend themselves against it.

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WoW: Necklace tames wild animals - and in the meantime also druids (1) Source: wowhead

Blizzard has noticed this in the meantime and adjusted the amulet via a hotfix. So druids can breathe a sigh of relief and no longer have to worry about being taken over and abused as a pet during a world quest.Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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