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On the beta server of WoW Shadowlands we can already examine some of the items we can get from the first Shadowlands raid Castle Nathria. Although the set items and trinkets are still missing in the overview in the dungeon journal, the dataminers of wowhead.com have already found all the trinkets including their special procs in the game files. Below you can see which trinkets you can expect and which special procs they haveUpdate

24.9.20: All trinkets including drop location and effect are known


Table of contents

  1. 1Strongagility
  2. 2Intelligence
  3. 3Strength/Mobility/Intelligence

Strength Ag


Skulker's Wing


Use: Become a 'Skulking Predator', gain 104 speed, reduced threat radius, and jump at the nearest enemy within eight meters. Jumping deals 6,399 physical damage (90 second cooldown). Source: Shrillwing.

Bargast's Leash


Use: Enters into the Hunter's Covenant with an ally for 30 seconds. 25% of incoming damage is redirected to your partner. Up to a maximum of X. (2 minute cooldown)

Splintered Heart of Al'ar


Agility / Strength
Equip: When you take lethal damage, you emit flames, dealing 3,499 damage to all nearby enemies and healing you for 8,958 health. This effect can only occur once every eight minutes. Source: Rescue the Sun King.

Gluttonous Spike


Create: Your automatic attacks have a high chance of robbing the target of 123 life and healing you by that amount three times. If this causes you to generate Overheal, the Juggernaut effect is triggered, dealing X damage to all enemies within range over the course of 15 seconds. While Juggernaut is active, the Life Steal effect cannot procc.

Memory of Past Sins


Agility / Strength
Use: Your next five attack abilities cause Shattered Psyche to deal 900 Shadow damage and increase the target's Shattered Psyche damage taken by two percent for 5 seconds. Stackable up to 25 times. (2 minute cooldown). Source: Lady Inerva Dunkelader.

Stone Legion Heraldry


Agility / Strength
Create: Swear your allegiance to the Stone Legion, increasing your versatility by 53. The effect is increased by an additional 10% for every other follower of the in the group. Generals of the Stone Legion.

Sanguine Vintage


Agility / Strength
Use: Absorbs up to X damage and heals you twice for the remaining absorption value after six seconds. (1 minute cooldown).



of Smoldering Plumage


Use: Penetrates the target with a clump of phoenix feathers (?), healing the target for 7,614 points after six seconds. The healing increases based on the target's missing health points. If your target takes lethal damage during the duration, they will be healed immediately. (Two minute cooldown). Source: Salvation of the Sun King


Soul Igniter


Use: Activate Soul Igniter and sacrifice 4,147 Health over the next 15 seconds to activate Blazing Surge. Re-using deals 2,073 points of damage to all enemies within 40 yards in a cone-shaped area, plus up to 80% additional damage depending on how long Soul Igniter was active. Reactivating triggers the one minute cooldown. Source: Rescue the Sun King.

Consumptive Infusion


Create: If you cast a damage spell, your next single-target spell grants 130 life steal for ten seconds. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds. Source: Starving Destroyer.

Cabalist's Effigy


Use: You join the 'Crimson Chorus'. Every minute, your critical strike chance increases by 162 points over the next 30 seconds before returning to normal. This effect is increased by ten percent for each member of the Crimson Chorus in your party.

Manabound Mirror


Create: Each time you expend 3,240 mana, 1,490 healing is stored in the mirror, up to a maximum of 14,896 for 30 seconds.Use
: Heals your target for 1,985 plus the full healing value stored in the mirror. (1 minute cooldown)

Hateful Chain


If your Health is a higher percentage than your target's, your attacks have a very high chance of dealing additional physical damage. If your health is below your target's percentage, your abilities have a very high CHANCE of granting you an absorption effect.
Source: Silt FistGlyph of



Use: Your target takes 662 arcane damage every two seconds for ten seconds. If the target dies during this duration, you gain 271 Mastery (90 second cooldown) for (remaining duration of effect x 2) seconds.
Source: Constructor Xy'mox





Use: Unleashes three flames at your target, dealing 3,970 damage as fire damage. (90 second cooldown)

Macabre Sheet Music

+40 Agility

, Strength, or Intelligence
Use: Four random dance partners appear around you. When you move to these teammates, you gain 68 speed and 34 speed for 20 seconds for each dance partner (90 second cooldown).
Source: The Council of Blood, Castellan NiklausSource

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