It's been less than a month since the first season of the WoW Classic championship started. And since the clocks are ticking a bit differently this time, as we all know, and we're supposed to be standing in Naxxramas in nine months to challenge Kel'Thuzad, Blizzard is already preparing for the release of the next content pack.

Werner, the world bosses are coming!

In fact, there's already been a concrete announcement for a few hours. In the official WoW forum, community manager Kaivax wrote that we can expect the new phase to start as early as the night of December 16 to December 17, 2021 (at midnight, to be exact).

However, it has much less to offer than in WoW (buy now ) Classic at the time. The honor system, the battlegrounds, and Bleak Quarry were already part of the launch package in November. So what remains? Well, the world bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak and with them the chance to initiate the important class quests for hunters and priests, for the epic items Ancient Llama Leaf Wrapped in Sinew and Blessing and Bane Curse, respectively.

WoW Classic:Lord Kazzak in retro video - Anno 2006

Guides for all world bosses

Although the Emerald Dragons won't be released until Phase 4, it's already worth taking a look at our guide overview of the WoW Classic world bosses. Of course, Kazzak and Azuregos are also part of the sextet.

  • WoW Guide: How to defeat the world bosses in WoW Classic

You can hunt Lord Kazzak in the Desolate Lands, namely in the Rotten Scar in the southwest. Azuregos, on the other hand, can be found in the southeast of Azshara. You can find the blue dragon east of the Lonely Ridge.


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