With WoW: Shadowlands, we learned that the lore writers basically put a whole new spin on the entire World of Warcraft story since Warcraft 3. Behind everything that's happened in the last 20 years has been the Dungeon Master. Always has been, we just didn't know it. Some see this spin as a complete retcon of WoW lore, others see it as an attempt to retroactively give the Dungeon Master a more exciting identity.

And, spoilers beware: As we recently learned, the Dungeon Master also controlled Argus, destroying the Machinery of Death. As we said, the Dungeon Master and his Nathrezim are suddenly just behind everything that has ever happened in WoW lore. That leaves a lot of players stunned. You have to think through what the lore has actually been like for the last few years. Some WoW players like AliMadman on Twitter once summarized with a lot of cynicism how many corners the dungeon master has thought around.

The dungeon master plays 4D chess with the lore

Sylvanas has been controlled by the Dungeon Master since WotLK. Well, at least her evil side.... oh, let's not go there.

Let's just take the story since MoP: The Dungeon Master thought so far around the corner that he convinced Thrall to make Garrosh Warchief so that Garrosh could be defeated. This in turn allowed the Dungeon Master to manipulate Furorion into releasing Garrosh so that we would have to defeat the Legion in alternate Draenor.

WoW: Shattered Legacy - German version of the Sylvanas cinematic

This sends Archimonde Gul'dan into our Azeroth so that we can defeat Sargeras, so that he in turn leaves a wound in Azeroth. This wound gives Sylvanas a reason to commit genocide and thus send enough war victims into the maw. At the same time, it gets our heroes to defeat N'Zoth and thus get the Void out of the way.

Convenient. Because that's the only way the Dungeon Master can ultimately use the Soul of Argus arriving in the Shadowlands to take out the Judge of the Shadowlands, use the World Soul of Azeroth, and thus change reality. Sounds quite logical actually, he just had to think around 13 corners for his plan.

(Sarcamus warning) Huh , this begs the question of what some people always have with their "retcon".... It's all quite easy to understand.

That's how smart the dungeon master really is

WoW: Giga-Brain Dungeon Master - this is how smart he really is (4) Source: Alshainkt Redditor ComicalyLame also tries to explain to us what WoW lore has looked like in reality all this time.

First things first: since everything that happened in Warcraft is essentially confirmed to be about the Dungeon Master, let's see how galactically smart this man had to be for it all to happen to this day.

Now that it's basically confirmed that the judge that was taken out by Argus per no scope, what had to happen for that to happen?
WoW: Giga-Brain Dungeon Master - he's really that smart (3) Source: Blizzard
Imagine you are the jailer (terrible, I know, but stay with me) and you have been locked up by your colleagues. You have to convince one of the people (Denathrius) who banished you to super hell that he is now your friend. You know how prisoners casually convince the warden to work for them ... or something like that.

Next, you need to convince the warden to start the best spy industry ever (the Nathrezim). Simple plan, badabing, badaboom, done. Now use this spy system to convince beings of pure chaos and emptiness to flock to random planets. Use them to corrupt a being of pure justice. It's all very simple.

Just a little patience

This is where the genius of the dungeon master is revealed. Have your army, now working for the corrupted Titan, be strong enough to wipe out entire galaxies, except for that one random planet (Azeroth) that for some reason has all the important stuff for you. Now you just have to keep this Titan, who doesn't know he's working for you, guessing for a few millennia.

Now the fun part begins:

use the spies to convince one of the Titan's allies to create a zombie guy (Lich King) for the express purpose of having a helmet into your world and killing or raising a random elf (Sylvanas), respectively; both of which become important later.

Make sure the humans win so the bad guys come back later, and have the man with the helmet die so the elf lady predictably tries to revive herself so she can see the big bald guy. Make a deal she can't refuse, The Apprentice style, and start controlling things even more in the background.
WoW: Giga-Brain Dungeon Master - he's really that smart (1) Source: buffed

We'll have it soon - I promise!

And here's my favorite part: make sure that the Orc who had some genocidal tendencies goes full tilt and ends up having to stand trial in Pandaria. This is the moment when you apparently travel to another dimension so that a random other Orc can return to the main dimension and summon the Titan you had in mind. Your super mega power death plan depends on interdimensional time travel.

When that dead Orc is back in the main timeline, the Titan guy is supposed to come to the planet he ignored for some reason, and his army is supposed to be good enough to slaughter, but not too good to win. Now expect these random people on the planet to make a series of strange decisions that teleport the bad guy's main base to their solar system. Since the base is right there, they can fight the literal Titan of Death, and meanwhile you have to hope they win.
WoW: Giga-Brain Dungeon Master - he's really that smart (2) Source: Blizzard

The grand finale!

Since they obviously won, the death titan breaks this random robot woman (the judge) and the real game begins. All the other stuff was kindergartenl. Make the elf lady all evil as a sleeper agent and inevitably break the helmet you left on the planet for just this moment.

Congratulations, now you can drag a blonde boy into your death zone and use him to get a shiny circle of a person and that's it, the mortals will give you the rest, don't worry.

Win! Or so ...

You've done it. You have all the Lego pieces you need to find the place where you left your super suit to recreate/change/disappear/heal reality.

It was a pretty simple plan if you think about it ....

So, better get through the WoW lore now?

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