Members of the Pact of the Night Fae will be able to enjoy very special small animal soul creatures in WoW Patch 9.1.5, which we have already introduced to you in more detail recently. Those who were already looking forward to being able to make the Shadowlands unsafe in the form of a squirrel or a cat will now have their ambitions slightly curbed.

New NPC allows selection and deactivation of small animal soulforms

Because as the dataminers of Wow (buy now 14,99 € )

head have found out, the new critter soul creatures only work with a very specific restriction. Namely, you can only use them in a rest area. A leisurely stroll with other small animals in the midst of the henchmen of the dungeon master falls flat.

The use or activation of these new soul forms works accordingly as follows:

  • You choose your regular soul shape as usual from Lady Muun in the Heart of the Forest.
  • You choose your small animal soul form from the squirrel soul Choofa.
  • When you activate your Soul Shape in a rest area, your character transforms into the chosen Small Animal Soul Shape.
  • If you leave the resting area or use the Soul Shape outside of it, your character will change into their normal Soul Shape.
  • If you wish to deactivate your critter soul form, you can also do so at Choofa via a separate dialogue option.

By the way, the developers have refrained from inserting a separate button for the selection of the normal soul shapeshifts at Choofa. So you have to go to different NPCs for the two different soul gestalt types.

Source: WowheadSupport

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