Warforged, Titaniumforged, Socketstones, Corruption effects - the list of improvements that a piece of equipment in WoW can have apart from the actual values is long. With the upcoming expansion Shadowlands, however, Blizzard is putting the scissors to this and banning some effects completely from the game and extremely reducing the effect of others. The focus of the players should thus be directed back to the actual items. Instead of only paying attention to whether and which additional effect is available, players should once again enjoy the actual item more. In addition, it should finally be possible to immediately recognize whether a new item is better than the old one. So far so good.

At the same time, the developers are also relying on three pillars in Shadwolands according to their own statements, which are intended for equipping one's own character: Raids, PvP and Mythic-Plus dungeons. In principle, players should be able to get powerful and, above all, comparable equipment with any kind of "coordinated group content". For example, currently in beta, rewards from heroic raids are on the same level as items from level 7 mythic dungeons (weekly rewards) or challenger-level PvP gear. And the rewards from the new weekly chest, the Vault, are also expected to be similar in quality with similar performance.
However, the developers remind us that Shadowlands is still in beta and levels are still subject to change at any time. The following item levels have been confirmed by players or dataminers so far.

Rewards in Nathria Castle raid

Difficulty level First eight bosses Final two bosses
LFR 187 194
Normal 200 207
Heroic 213 220
Mythical 226 233

Rewards in the first season Mythic-Plus

Keystone Level Dungeon Rewards Weekly Rewards
2 187 200
3 190 203
4 194 207
5 194 210
6 197 210
7 200 213
8 200 216
9 200 216
10 204 220
11 204 220
12 207 223
13 207 223
14 207 226
15 210 226
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