Rextroy is known for idiosyncratic actions in which he exploits the mechanics of items, talents, spells, or effects to the point where he can do things with them that shouldn't be possible in WoW. In the past, he defeated several raid bosses solo or exploited absurd scaling in PvP so that he could oneshot other players completely naked in the battlefield. However, he is only ever concerned with the action itself. He doesn't want to gain an advantage in the game by doing so. Quite the opposite, in fact. Whenever he finds loopholes in the mechanics that allow him to do such things, he contacts the developers. He always publishes his videos only when the developers have plugged said holes and it is therefore no longer possible for anyone to gain a serious advantage in the game through his "guidance".

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Oneshot Drest'agath

His latest victim is the tentacle boss Drest'agath. He was chosen because he has the least amount of health. Although he actually counter-heals damage taken, this doesn't help with an oneshot.
The basis of the kill this time is the Raging Lightning ability. It boosts Storm Strike 's damage by five percent for every target it hits. There is no limit to the damage increase. Once he did the math, Rextroy figured he only needed about 8,000 adds to get enough of a damage boost. With a few more buffs, such as matching Azerite traits, the number of adds needed could be lowered to 4,800 after all. Rextroy found these after a long search in various dungeons near Corborus in the Stone Core. However, it takes several hours for the boss to spawn enough Adds. Unfortunately, the massive lag with so many enemies then put a spoke in his wheel. Because using the abilities, porting to Ny'alotha and attacking the boss was not possible with so much lag before the buff expired again. So the damage had to be amplified even more. He managed to do that with the help of the essence The Unbridled Force. This massively increased Storm Strike 's critical damage, which meant Rextroy needed fewer adds. Now all that was left was to get the procs right and "kite" everything at the right time. Since each attempt took several hours, it took 40 hours for Drest'agath to finally fall victim to the oneshot.

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