Update from February 17, 2022: As the WoW developers announced in a short statement in the meantime, the media upgrade item was not completely removed from the PTR, but is now being sold elsewhere. Instead of the armorer of the enlightened, the armorer of your respective pact now sells you the vessel of extensive possibilities

. This is because the developers decided to remove the reputation requirement for the item. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to offer it to the Enlightened Armorer.

Instead, you will only need to complete the new campaign and one of the mandatory achievements to be able to buy the item. You will be able to complete the campaign in the fifth week of the patch.

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Original news from February 16, 2022: Actually, high-level players in WoW (buy now ) Patch 9.2 could have saved themselves the grind needed to bring all media to the new maximum level 278. Because on the PTR, Blizzard had implemented an item that upgrades all media at the push of a button

. However, since the purchase of this item required some achievements, it would have been withheld from most players and was accordingly eyed critically.

With the latest PTR build, however, this item has now secretly, quietly disappeared from the offer of Vilo, the armorer of the Enlightened. Blizzard is keeping a low profile on this and has neither announced anything of the sort, nor reacted to it so far. So why the Vessel of Profound Possibilities has disappeared? Nobody knows.

Reaction to feedback?

It would not be surprising if they had removed the item as a reaction to the rather negative feedback. After all, many players weren't necessarily thrilled about the fact that a few top players would be spared the grind of earning the new media levels.

Another point of criticism was the imbalance of the requirements. As a reminder, in order to buy the item, you either had to get the Elite: Shadowlands Season 3 achievement, defeat all the bosses in the new raid in Mythic mode (Mythic: Mausoleum of the First), or complete a single level 20 dungeon within the time limit (Keystone Hero). Thelatter would probably be the easiest goal by far - and also a paradise for boost groups.Even though most boosting communities have been banned by now.

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Instead of 278 now 239 - but for everyone!

At the same time, a new item has been implemented. The Carafe of Untapped Potential increases the level of all your mediums to 239. Instead of special achievements, it is enough to have a respectful reputation among the Enlightened Ones.
WoW Patch 9.2: No media upgrade for top players? Item removed from PTR (2) Source: buffed
However, many players (and we too) wonder who should do something with this item? Because the item is not account-bound. The vast majority of players who quest through Zereth Mortis until they have a respectable reputation should have had their mediums at this level for a long time. Especially since they were allowed to buy significantly higher upgrades in Korthia.

Only complete newcomers and stragglers will probably be happy here, as long as Blizzard doesn't perhaps make the item accessible account-wide after all - like Incense of Infinity


However, why Blizzard does not simply communicate the distance in this case remains a mystery to many. We may also see a rework of the item, although they wouldn't have had to remove it for that in the first place. What do you think - has Blizzard reacted to feedback here or will we see the item in a modified form again soon?

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