If you've been wandering around Orgrimmar and Stormwind attentively today, August 16, 2021, you may have already spotted them: the entertainer NPCs, who announce the official T-Shirt Day with their presence. This mini-holiday is currently taking place again, and you can stock up on free T-shirts from the NPCs. In addition, various merchants in Azeroth are selling more cool Transmog shirts.

Cannons from which T-shirts shoot

To get your hands on the free shirts, look for the entertainers in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar and the Dwarven District in Stormwind. When you get close to one of these NPCs, a golden star will appear on your minimap as a marker. The entertainer will shoot T-shirts from a cannon, which you can then pick up from the ground.

The T-shirts will then serve as the Transmog template. Also, look out for the free T-shirt that the NPC also fires from his cannon at certain intervals. If you use this item, you will receive the title "the T-shirt enthusiast".

You will also find various merchants throughout Azeroth who will sell you additional T-shirts as transmog templates:

  • Shirtsi Kleidsam sells Shirtsi's bodysuit in the Eternal Wait, Winter Spring (coordinates 59, 50);
  • Melvin Shirtson sells Tirion's twine in the Chapel of Hopeful Light, Eastern Plaguelands (coordinates 74, 52);
  • Selis Silk Tw ine sells Selis' Silk Shirt in Shattrath (coordinates 67, 27);
  • Shuurt the Clothes Tearer sells Shuurt's Treasure in Grizzly Hills (coordinates 49, 51);
  • Jadie Cute Shirt sells Jadie's Cute Shirt in Valley of the Four Winds (coordinates 61, 58);
  • Tia Spinngarn sells Tia Spinngarn's short-sleeved shirt i n Talador (coordinates 85, 31);
  • Twine Roundneck sells Twine Roundneck in Valdisdall, Stormheim (coordinates 60, 52).

Remember, the event is only one day long. If you don't get all the shirts today, you'll have to wait until next year before the NPCs and merchants show up again.

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