The dataminers of wowhead have dug up patch 1.14.1 build 40800 for WoW Classic season of the championship. In the files, in addition to some changes for spell IDs, you can find a few interesting achievements that suggest that especially good hardcore players can expect achievements and maybe even titles in the endgame. There are also changes for Princess Theradras and Pickpocketing in Blackrock Depths.

New achievements for hardcore players

(All achievements come from datamining and are not yet confirmed).

  • Survivor - Possibly the achievement for reaching level 60 without dying once.
  • Survivor of the Damned - Possible achievement for defeating Kel'thuzad without ever dying before.
  • Survivorof the Firelord - Possible achievement to defeat Ragnaros without ever dying before.
  • Survivor of the Old God - Possible achievement to defeat C'thun without ever dying before.
  • Survivor of the Shadow Flame - Possibly the achievement to defeat Nefarian without ever dying before.
  • Perished at Level - Will probably indicate how far you made it without dying.

Go to the article: All the info about the hardcore mode in WoW Classic season of the championship.

No more Theradras solo farm?

The new buff Blessing of Theradras makes the final boss of Maraudon immune to root effects and increases the movement speed of the boss by 50 percent. Princess Theradras was previously solo farmed by many players to rake in gold. The boss may continue to be soloable with the changes, but may no longer be defeatable by bots.

Change for pickpocketing

The adjustment for pickpocketing may follow a similar idea. Rogue bots in the Blackrock Depths will have their lives made more difficult because the spell "THIEF!" has NPCs' belongings "hidden elsewhere."

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