When a new Mythic-Plus-Season starts in WoW, we can also look forward to a new season affix. In the season starting with patch 9.2, it is called Encrypted and is thematically based on the Automa from Zereth Mortis. In addition, it is once again a so-called kiss/curse affix, which grants you a bonus in addition to the actually hindering effect. In the current case you can even choose it. Unlike the current affix, however, you make a choice for the entire party.

Encrypted - who do we kill first?

Inside the dungeon, we will quickly notice that all bosses and very many trash packs have been enriched by three creatures. The three different floating orbs strongly resemble entities from Zereth Mortis and have relatively low health - so they die pretty quickly. All three "mobs" attack you with a different effect.

  • Urh Relic - Inflicts light damage with Energy Barrage.
  • Wo Relic - Reduces damage taken by all surrounding enemies by 15 percent.
  • Vy Rel ic - Increases the speed of all surrounding enemies by 15 percent.

So you should kill the three creatures quite quickly. But the order is very important. Because after the death of the last sphere an add appears. Which one appears depends on which orb you killed first.

  • Urh Automa - Deals increasing damage to the tank with Deconstruct and to nearby players with Force Slam .
  • Wo Autom a - Deals damage to all players with Burst. The ability can be interrupted.
  • Vy Automa - Deals damage to random targets with Shoot. Also teleports away a bit from time to time and casts a Fusion Beam towards players (similar to the Guardian of the First) that you must run out of.

Especially the Vy Automa is extremely annoying, because it can't be moved by the tank and you not only have to dodge it all the time, but also run after it as a melee fighter. Unfortunately, the Automa don't grant you any percentages for the kill count. However, they do provide you with a massive buff after they die.
WoW Patch 9.2: Encrypted - how the new Mythic-Plus affix works (2) Source: wowhead
Which buff you receive depends on which Automa you fought.

  • Urh Automa - Decrypted Urh Cypher grants you 150 percent increased movement speed for 45 seconds and invisibility for 10 seconds.
  • Wo Automa - Decrypted Wo C ypher grants you 20 percent increased speed for 45 seconds.
  • Vy Automa - Decrypted Vy C ypher increases the speed at which your cooldowns decay by 25 percent for 45 seconds.
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You have the free choice

So you get to decide before each trash pack or boss in question which orb you kill first, and thus which Automa you need to additionally defeat during the fight and what bonus you get. Unlike the current dungeon master commanders, of which there are only four, the relics are quite numerous in the dungeon.

In all likelihood, you will mostly choose between Urh and Wo - depending on whether you want to skip more damage or following enemies. The bonus from Vy isn't quite as strong, but can definitely be used to have large cooldowns ready for the upcoming boss again. By the way, the respective bonuses can also be active at the same time, as long as you defeat the automa fast enough one after the other or even pull two groups with relics together and fight them at the same time.

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