Those who send their champions on elite adventures in WoW: Shadowlands can grab special rewards, such as the so-called adventure campaign progress. The advantage of this is that when you receive this progress, you unlock further adventure missions that grant you higher-value rewards, including not only pet luck charms and resources, but also the coveted soul ash needed to craft legendary items. However, the whole thing apparently has a serious catch. Because some players currently report that the missions in their pact lead to success significantly less often than in other pacts - even though their followers clearly exceed the level requirement.

The elite adventures basically present your soul gang with greater challenges, which they can only pass with the appropriate skills and stats. However, some pacts' soulbands at the beginning of Shadowlands seem to have abilities that are much better suited to completing elite adventures than those of the other pacts. This creates an imbalance in the difficulty of adventures between the pacts. The Kyrians, in particular, always seem to falter with the elite adventures, while Necrolords probably have it the easiest of all the pacts. The Nachtfae are behind the Necrolords, but ahead of the Kyrians and the Venthyr, who are also often less successful.

For example, one Reddit user writes that he was unable to successfully complete what should have been a trivial elite level 12 adventure with two level 18 (Pelagos) and level 17 (Kythekios) soulbands and three level 12 squads:

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On the other hand, we ourselves can confirm from our own experience that the elite adventures of the Necrolords are no problem for a team with one or two levels above the mission level.

We currently do not know if Blizzard will adjust the elite adventures for Kyrians (and Venthyr) with a hotfix. If you have problems with the elite adventures, we can only advise you to level up your champions with the normal missions and then try the elite adventures with a clear level advantage. We wish you good stamina and much success!

Source: WowheadSupport

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