That WoW players can expect a dragon expansion after Shadowlands is becoming more and more likely. After the dragon package in the store and a strange MMO-Champion leak already pointed to a dragon addon, more and more data confirms this rumor.

Once again MMO-Champion and the dataminers of WoW (buy now ) provide even more hints about a WoW expansion that could be about dragons. WoWHead's dataminers have found a package in encrypted files. This package resembles the Deluxe Edition rewards of previous expansions.

This data points to the dragon expansion

The mount could possibly be a hint to the next expansion. The mount is associated with 9fx_drakemountemerald_buff_4219045, indicating that it is probably a Green Dragonflight mount. In addition to the mount and a pet, one of the unknown scrambled models has many animations in common with the male Vulpera model, but not much else is known about it.

World of Warcraft | The expansions in the ranking

The asset for this mount is also very large, totaling 8.9 MB. In comparison, the Shadowlands Deluxe Edition mount, Enchanted Everlasting Wyrm, is only 2.7 MB. This size means that it probably has a higher resolution than other mounts or more effects associated with it. The included pet is also quite large at 5.5 MB.

Green mist = green dragons?

In addition, this new mount also has textures associated with it for spell effects that are not encoded and all look a lot like Green Dragonflight:


WoWHead has found some gray and green variants of this in the game files, which look pretty featureless, but in conjunction with the 9fx_drakemountemerald_buff_4219045

possibly point to the mount from the future Deluxe Edition. Even though not all the details from the leaks have to be true, we can now firmly assume that dragons will play a role in the next expansion. How and in what form will have to wait and see.

As is well known, BlizzConline has been canceled. However, as we learned from interviews at the end of the year 2021, Blizzard does not want to miss the opportunity to organize its own event and perhaps present the next WoW expansion at it. Perhaps there will be an announcement after the release of patch 9.2. The release of the upcoming patch is expected by many in mid-February.

Does datamining convince you of a dragon expansion after all? Or did you already expect it anyway?

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