I'm a big fan of the loot systems in WoW Classic and (even more so) TBC Classic, as you know. I just like it when bosses can drop certain items, when every item comes in only one item level variant, and when there are optional ways to upgrade your character's gear thanks to reputation factions, badge traders, heroic dungeons, and strong professions.

However, even though the random factor doesn't play as big of a role in Classic loot as it has in recent years in retail WoW, luck and bad luck play a certain role in Outland as well.

For example, I had to go into the Black Morass nearly 30 times before Latro's Sword of Transformation finally dropped (the blade is only "blue", but it's the best secondary hand that Sword Rogues can carry up to the Gleven). In exchange, I was able to dust off the Belt of Death Messenger on my first Hero visit to the dungeon (and that was despite great competition from Hunter, Feral, and another rogue).

It's also a bit sad that my rogue doesn't have a single Tier 4 item on it yet. While other tokens are already going to twinks or being taken for PvP items, the tokens for rogues, shamans, and paladins barely want to drop so far. And the few times the tokens have dropped, I've fit them for freshly high levelled paladins (who desperately needed gear) or healing shamans (with tier 2 set pieces). And it's not just our guild that's going through this:

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It's also bitter when supposedly easy-to-equip hunters have to farm a particular dungeon more than 50 times because the last piece for their dungeon set's all-important 4 bonus just won't drop, or that you've only seen Gruul's dragon vortex trophy once after countless split raids.

Or when the new healing paladin can hardly pick up any loot for the main skill in five or six Karazhan runs (because nothing drops), and as soon as he logs off and another priest starts, all the important paladin items drop (Murphy is just a troll).

Now I want to know from you guys: What items are you hoping to get before Phase 2 of TBC Classic starts? How many times did you have to farm dungeons and raids before important key items finally dropped? Or are you already wearing your BiS compilation? Tell us in the comments!

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