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Update as of 6/20/20: Blizzard has once again clarified the newly added limit for instances in a bluepost (via Wowhead). The limit means that players can enter a maximum of 30 unique instances per day per realm. However, this limit does not apply to 40-man raids, as the developers now clarified. With this, Blizzard wants to make sure that players who reach the limit can still participate in the high-end raids.

Original news: Just two weeks ago, the developers at Blizzard managed to kill two birds with one


with the "Black Lotus" hotfix for WoW Classic: The Lotus herb, which now grows more frequently, fits much better with the large populations on the Classic servers. In addition, it is now no longer possible to keep track of potential Lotus spawn points with dead level 1 characters. In general, there are now too many places where the herb can grow to keep track of them all 24/7.

However, there are various other areas in WoW (buy now €14.99) Classic where bots hang around in large numbers. Various dungeons such as Stratholme or Düsterbruch are farmed around the clock by the same characters. There are various videos on the net that expose these characters as bots, and many more reports that have been sent to Blizzard. Since many of the reported characters are still allowed to do their mischief in Azeroth even after months, there's always the criticism in the WoW forums that the reporting itself would not bring anything and Blizzard does not react anyway.

Exactly to this accusation has now recently expressed community manager Thyvene


Blizzard has increased its efforts to take action against bots in recent months. The use of such bots would clearly violate WoW's end user license agreement. It remains the best way to report bots in the game, according to Thyvene.

"By right-clicking to report players for cheating, you are best contributing to our ability to remove bot accounts as quickly as possible. Right-click reports will be forwarded directly to our team, who will follow up and decide if penalties are warranted."

Blizzard would like to thank all players for their reports so far.

New instance limit for WoW Classic

Only a short time later, Thyvene announced a new measure in the fight against bots in a second post:

  • You can now enter a maximum of 30 unique instances (dungeons and raids) per day and per realm.

This restriction is in addition to the existing limit of 5 instances per hour. Now, when a player enters a dungeon or raid, the game checks to see if they have entered 5 instances in the last hour or 30 instances in the last 24 hours. If so, the person must wait until enough time has passed. All your characters on a single realm share this limit.

For PvP battlegrounds, these limits do not apply


WoW community reacts annoyed

How we evaluate this new measure will be the subject of a separate column in the near future. However, we can already state that many players are annoyed and even angry about these two posts (just look at the comments in the two posts linked above or take a look at Classic Reddit).

On the one hand,

they still don't feel that their messages would really make a difference, and on the other hand, the new restriction might also "punish" quite a few players who don't use bots in Classic.

What do

you think? Does this new restriction affect you and can you understand the anger? Tell us in the comments

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