For many WoW players in Shadowlands, the Night Fae signature ability was a compelling reason to turn their backs on the other three pacts and join the Lords of the Ardenwald. This refers to the Soul Shape, which allows you to briefly transform into the soul shape of an animal, run faster, and teleport over shorter distances. The real highlight of the game, however, is a completely different one. Because you get to choose the shape of the animal - as long as you've already collected it.

This is how you keep track of your soul shapes - Soulshape Journal!

And so Nachtfae is following in the footsteps of the hunters, who have been collecting the prettiest companions for years, and filling their collection with the most diverse shapes, in order to then blink their way through the area with the prettiest variant. With patch 9.2, some new creatures are now added.

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Cervid soul as a new soul shape

The Cervid Soul is something special in this regard. Because in contrast to the previously known new soul creatures from WoW Patch 9.2, it is based on an animal that has not been found in the Shadowlands like this before - it is based on a Cervid, which so far only exist in Zereth Mortis.
WoW Patch 9.2: New Soulform for Nachtfae - the Cervid Soul (1) Source: buffed Unfortunately, the dataminers have not yet been able to dig up a model of the new soul creature, if it has been implemented at all. However, they did find out that it is linked to an old quest from Westfall that doesn't actually exist anymore (Threat on the Coast). However, this is more likely to be a bug or at least just a placeholder for an upcoming quest.

Are you one of the collectors of Soul Shapes or do you not care about the look and still teleport around with the standard Vulpin model?

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