Those who set foot in the new zone of Zereth Mortis for the first time with WoW Patch 9.2 will quickly discover: flying is taboo here for the time being. Instead, we have to rely on our ground mounts until we have explored the entire area and achieved the corresponding success. However, there is some good news: as one Reddit user discovered, a helpful item from Korthia also works in Zereth Mortis - namely the Silver Splinter Fur Whistle, a toy that briefly increases your movement speed.

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How to get the Silver Shardskin Pipe

The Silver Splinter Fur Pipe summons a spirit that will carry you on its back for 20 seconds, moving very swiftly. The toy has a cooldown of five minutes, but it still supports you well when exploring Zereth Mortis. If you don't already have it, you can find it in Korthia. Follow these steps to add the Silver Shardskin Pipe to your collection (via Tig3rE on WoWHead):

  • Go to the cliffs in the north of Korthia, west of the Keeper's Refuge at coordinates 49/36.
  • Look for a tree in the Mangler's Lookout area (coordinates 47/29) that has an Unsafe Silk Nest on it.
  • Find a Poisonous Moth near the tree and click on it to get the Bait buff.
  • Now locate a Splinter Fur Growler and click on it as well to get an additional action button.
  • Once you have climbed onto the Splinter Fur Growler, run into the tree to make the nest fall down.
  • Now click on the nest to get the Silver Splinter Fur Whistle.
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Once you've added the pipe to your collection, you can use it anywhere in the Shadowlands. Korthia and Zereth Mortis are also included.

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