Some things never change. Among them is definitely the flood of hotfixes we see following every major patch of WoW. Because no matter how much the developers test internally and how long the content is on the PTR - some bugs always slip through. But that's not the only thing the developers are taking care of in the latest hotfixes for patch 9.2, the balancing is also being refined. This time, among other things, a few bosses in the raid will be generated again. In addition, the developers are tackling the new, seasonal Mythic-Plus affix Encrypted. This one should give us less grief and more joy from now on.

The most important adjustment for many players in Zereth Mortis, however, might be the change to the Sand Polished Chest. This treasure, which can only be looted once a day, will no longer be displayed on the minimap if you have already looted it. This prevents players from looking forward to a treasure only to find out that they are not allowed to open it. In addition, the sand-cleaned chest now stays longer after the first player has opened it. This should also prevent frustration.

Friends of the cultivated Mythic-Plus dungeons can now also look forward to the title "The Tortured", provided that they were among the best players in the previous season.

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WoW Patch 9.2.5: What changes in the upcoming update? - Overview

Patch 9.2.5 of WoW is all about cross-faction gameplay and Season 4, but aside from that, there are a lot of changes we have to introduce you to!

You can find the full patch notes here:


  • characters have been awarded the Tormented Hero: Shadowlands Season 2
achievement and title.


  • KnightBlood
      • (2) Set Bonus: The Strength buff and Dancing Rune Weapon duration extension effects will now be correctly applied to Heart Strikes cast by the Death Knight's Dancing Rune Weapons.
    • Unholy
      • (4) Set Bonus: Harvest Time will now be correctly applied when the target is killed by Soul Reaper.
  • ShamanEnhancementLava
      • Lash will once again refresh Flame Shock on your primary target
      • Fixed an issue where refreshing Flame Shocks with Lava Lash would not prioritize targets with Lashing Flames in some situations.

Dungeons and RaidsSepulcher

  • of the First OnesAdjusting
    • the location of devourers in Ephemeral Plains to help make pulls clearer and reduce the concentration of enemies
    • Vigilant GuardianVigilant
      • Guardian's health reduced by 5% on Raid Finder difficulty
    • .
    • Lihuvim, Principal ArchitectDegeneration
      • Automa's Degenerate now has a maximum range of 30 yards
    • .
    • Halondrus the ReclaimerDecreased
      • the amount of damage Eternity Overdrive gains per application to 42% of its original value on all difficulties (was 50%)
      • Fixed an issue that caused Halondrus to sometimes delay Relocation Form while casting other spells in quick succession.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Shatter to not display its entire visual effect if Projected Textures were disabled in System settings.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the stone gates in the Shimmering Cliffs to not close properly when the encounter ends in failure.
  • Mythic+Encrypted
    • AffixYou
      • now only need to destroy 1 relic to summon your desired automa. After destroying the first relic in a set, the other two are destroyed automatically.
        • Developers' note: This should be a small quality of life improvement in terms of both the amount of damage required to summon an automa (especially on bosses), and the amount of time extra nameplates spend on the screen.
      • Fixed an issue where the wrong automa could be summoned after defeating a set of relics.
      • Adjusted the spawn locations of several Xy Relic Dealers.
      • Halls of AtonementEchelonFixed
          • an issue causing Relics to not spawn properly when arriving in the encounter area.
      • The Necrotic WakeAmarthFixed
          • an issue causing Relics to not spawn properly
        • Surgeon StitchfleshFixed
          • an issue that caused Stitchflesh's Creation to hit Wo, Vy or Urh automa with Meat Hook
            • Developers' note: The Vy Interceptor frequently teleports to a new location, which can be a frustrating obstacle to a well-aimed Meat Hook during the encounter. This change should remove the unfair overlap of these two abilities.
  • Tazavesh: So'leah's GambitHylbrandeVault
      • Purifiers no longer immediately attack players as soon as they land.

Items and RewardsThe

  • Sandworn Chest minimap icon will no longer appear once a player has looted the chest once that day
  • The Sandworn Chest can now be looted by more players before despawning.
  • Fixed an issue where Reclaimer's Intensity Core trinket would unintentionally pull nearby enemies towards the user after the Automa Medic expires. It now has learned who's friendly and who's not.

Player versus PlayerFixed

  • an issue with the trinket quest "A New Deal" that prevented the trinkets from being obtainable by players as intended
    • Developers' note: If you're still encountering the issue and can't see the trinket rewards, relogging back into the game should resolve it.
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