With WoW Patch 9.2, which will be available on the live servers from February 23, 2022, the tier sets will make their comeback in World of Warcraft. The return of the sets, each equipped with two bonuses, is seen quite positively by most players. However, it also brings with it some problems. This is because in addition to the tier set items, at least two slots in 9.2 will also be occupied by Legendarys

. The new Pact Legendary Belt of Unity will always be on the belt, but some of the other Legendary items will inevitably get in the way with the tier sets.

At first glance, this isn't too bad, since you only need to put on four of the five tier set items to unlock both bonuses - but it still causes some problems. For example, the affected players will take longer to unlock their bonuses, since they have to capture the right four items. In addition, they will be limited in the selection of those four items and may have to create one that doesn't have good stats for their play style.

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In addition, there is the problem that these players may want or need to re-craft their Legendary when they have the first four set items in order to benefit from the bonuses as soon as possible. Thanks to the ability to destroy a Legendary and get the resources back

, this isn't quite as dramatic, but it still costs an unnecessary amount of gold. After all, we mustn't forget that a Legendary blank can quickly cost gold in the six-figure range. Depending on the slot, 100,000 gold and more is quite realistic.

Please adjust, Blizzard!

This applies to mages and warlocks, for example, but also to priests, shamans and warriors.

  • Echoes of the Great Shattering (Elemental Shaman): Shoulders or Hands
  • Ice Cold Winds (Frost Mage): Hands or head
  • Shadow Flame Prism (Shadow Priest): Hands or head
  • Vicious Fury (Affliction Warlock): Hands or shoulders
  • Enduring Blow (Weapon Warrior): Hands or belt

In most cases, both slots with the animal sets get in each other's way here. So players have to choose four of the five set items and craft the Legendary in the corresponding fifth slot. It's especially bitter for weapon warriors, though. Because here only the hands are left, if one wants to use the new Pact Legendary on the belt (which probably everyone wants).

Domination Socket Déjà vu

There was already a similar problem with the introduction of the rulership sockets in patch 9.1. Back then, Blizzard reacted early and the Legendarys that got in the way with the Domination items were made available for more slots.
We would actually have expected something similar here. So far, however, nothing of such adjustments can be seen on the PTR.

Therefore, here again the call to Blizzard - please, please adjust before the release of the patch!

Because even if this problem does not destroy the balancing or bring considerable disadvantages in the long run, it is still very annoying for the affected players. And the whole thing could be prevented with very, very little effort. to the start page Jump to comments (3) Philipp Sattler