The heroic life in Azeroth can be quite exhausting at times. No sooner have you finished off some insane dragon than an annoying Old God suddenly comes to life, or a mad Titan decides he'd like to take a beating for the third time. In the long run, this takes a lot out of you - and so that our heroes don't end up vegetating in the nearest field hospital with stomach ulcers and post-traumatic stress syndrome, we should give them the opportunity to relax adequately every now and then. But if there's always some battle going on in Azeroth, how and where can you relax and unwind? If you've asked yourself this very question, you've come to the right place. In this special we'll tell you the best places in World of Warcraft to chill out and show you which activities in Azeroth will give your character, who's constantly trying to save the world, a chance to relax. And the best thing about it, the cherry on top of the Malaga sundae, so to speak: You can also pick up one or two fancy rewards along the way.

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. Fishing in WoW - still waters and golden beaches1.1 The secret fish of Mechagon2. Archaeology in WoW - digging until the doctor comes2.1. the home of knowledge2.2. no stone left unturned3. Your little farm - farming to switch off4. Azeroth is worth a trip4.1. By ground mount from the Eastern Plaguelands to Loot Bay4.2. Traveling with WoW's alternative modes of transport5. From mini-games to jukeboxes - more ways to relax in Azeroth

Fishing in WoW - still waters and golden beaches

When it comes to relaxing activities in Azeroth, one thing can't be missing: fishing. Not only does fishing work almost everywhere, but it also follows such simple principles that it requires very little concentration and skill - perfect for a leisurely round of relaxing from the exhausting daily raid routine. If you want to try your hand at fishing in World of Warcraft, you'll have an overwhelming selection of potential fishing spots to choose from. You can also complete various achievements and quests related to fishing and pick up lots of special items and similar rewards. However, we don't want to offer you a comprehensive fishing guide here, but instead explain a specific fishing activity from the current expansion that is particularly suitable for relaxing and doing on the side.

The Secret Fishes of Mechagon

Everything in fishing revolves around fish. And in WoW, very often about particularly rare fish. The consecutive achievements "The Secret Fishes of Mechagon" and "Secret Fishes and Where to Find Them" are about special fishes that you can catch only on Mechagon Island. We included these achievements in our list because you'll get a special reward for completing the second achievement, namely the Hypercompressed Ocean toy. This toy, when used, creates an ocean in a bubble from which you can fish all the fish that exist in WoW (really all of them, including crates and quest fish). The advantage is that you can summon the ocean anywhere. In addition, the float of your fishing rod always lands in the same place in the middle of the ocean, so you can fish in a particularly relaxed manner - perfect for completing further fishing achievements.


only catch is that the toy has a one-hour cooldown and only lasts for 15 minutes.

But how exactly do the Achievements actually work and how do you get the Hypercompressed Ocean? It all starts with catching a total of ten rare fish on Mechagon Island, which you can only fish for in certain locations on the isle. The catch rate for each of these fish is around one percent, so you should allow a bit of time if you want to complete the achievement. Once you've caught one of the fish, you'll automatically receive a quest that instructs you to bring the fish to Danielle Anglers, located on the west coast of Mechagon (at 37/47). The fish themselves are waiting for you to pull them out of the water at the following locations:

  • Strongwater Cod - catchable anywhere along the coast of Mechagon, most likely near Danielle Anglers.
  • Solar minnow - catchable anywhere on the Mechagon coast, most likely near Danielle Anglers
  • Bolt Mouth - catchable anywhere on the Mechagon coast, most likely near Danielle Anglers
  • Tasty Steelfin - catchable in the lake in the northwest of Mechagon at 47/37
  • Stinkbill - catchable in the bay on the east coast of Mechagon south of Rustbolt at 79/49
  • Pond Hops - catchable in the pond north of Bondo's Farm at 65/32
  • Dark Grotto Eel - catchable in the Scrap Bone Building at 59/24
  • Mud Carp - catchable in the small pond southeast of Bondo's yard at 65/51
  • Spitting Clownfish - catchable at the southeastern coast of Mechagon at 83/72
  • Mechanical pufferfish - catchable on the southeastern coast of the second largest island of the West Spit at 25/77

While fishing on Mechagon in WoW: Battle for Azeroth, you can not only unwind, but also bag an absolutely cool reward. Source: buffed Once you have caught these fish and delivered them to Danielle Anglers, you will receive the Fish Finder Goggles as a reward, which you will need for the achievement "Secret Fish and Where to Find Them". Now you have to "catch" 30 more fish - and by catch we mean collect. Because you don't fish for this Achievement in the actual sense anymore. Instead, you put on the fish finder goggles and receive a buff that causes a water bubble to appear within 40 meters of your character. A few seconds later, a fish will appear in the bubble, which you can click on. You will then receive a random fish - and if you're lucky, one of the 30 fish you need for the achievement. Some fish you can collect anywhere, for others you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Camouflaged Haidewitzka - collectible at any location.
  • Deceptive Maw - collectible at any location
  • Inconspicuous Catfish - collectible at any location
  • Invisible Juggler - collectible at any location
  • Surprisingly small whale - collectible at any location
  • Collectible Salt Fin - collectible at any location
  • Traveling goby - collectible at any location
  • invisible smelt - collectible at any place
  • Blood cod - collectible in Nazmir, Zul'Nazman
  • Sailor Yarnfish - collectible in Jade Forest
  • Thunder Flounder - collectible on the Isle of Thunder
  • Kirinclown - collectible in Dalaran (both versions)
  • Mechanized Mackerel - collectible on Mechagon
  • Monarch's Feast - collectible in Nazjatar
  • Ancient Mana Fin - collectible anywhere in Suramar Harbor
  • Convict Fish - collectible anywhere in Tol Barad
  • Jagged Fjord Fin - collectible at Howling Fjord
  • Dead Devil Bone - collectible on Argus in Krokuun and Antorian Wasteland
  • Tortollan Aquarian - collectible in Drustvar in the Tortollan underwater bar below Jederhafen (at 20/43)
  • Diluted Flounder - collectible in Kun-Lai Peak at the top of Nimmerlayas (at 44/52)
  • Fountain loach - collectible at Mount Hyjal in the lake below North Rassil
  • Drowned Goldfish - collectible in Storm Song Valley (at 46/50)
  • Shy Fin Leaf - collectible only at night between 21:30 and 08:00
  • Golden Sun Worshipper - collectible only during the day between 08:00 and 21:30
  • Veil Spirit - collectible only when you are dead
  • Target water perch - collectible only when you are dead
  • Stilldriver - collectible only when you are dead
  • Sacral Salmon - collectible only if you are dead
  • Green Sawbelly - collectible if you have received the "Painted Green" buff at the mechanocat station on Bondo's farm (just walk through the green paint)
  • Shifted Scrap Fin - collectible in the future version of Mechagon, which you can enter with the help of Chromie in the quest "The Other Place".

By the way, the easiest way to get the fish you need to collect as a ghost is to unsaddle from a great height from the flying mount above the flying island next to the airfield in Dalaran (Devastated Isles) and jump into the depths. If you have died, you can easily collect the fish by using flying in your spirit form.

Archaeology in WoW - dig until the doctor comes

Table of Contents1

. Fishing in WoW - still waters and golden beaches1.1. The secret fish of Mechagon2. Archaeology in WoW - digging until the doctor comes2.1. the home of knowledge2.2. no stone left unturned3. Your little farm - farming to switch off4. Azeroth is worth a trip4.1. By ground mount from the Eastern Plaguelands to Loot Bay4.2. Traveling with WoW's alternative modes of transport5. From minigames and jukeboxes - Other ways to relax in AzerothIn addition to

fishing, there is another sideline profession in WoW that allows you to spend a lot of time in the wilds of Azeroth and recover from the exhausting end-game routine: archaeology. Blizzard has unfortunately treated this profession a bit stepmotherly in the past, but it still offers some incentives and rewards that invite you to dig all over Azeroth. Archaeology, like fishing, also has a number of different achievements, two of which we would like to introduce to you here


The Home of Knowledge

The achievement "The Home of Knowledge" is all about archaeology in Pandaria. Your task is to collect flawless versions of all Pandaren and Moguar artifacts that can be found on Pandaria. There are 20 of them, and the drop rate, or the probability of getting a particular artifact as an excavation project, is ten percent. So you need to complete at least 720 excavations to get this achievement (some players report up to 1,300 excavations). But it's worth the effort: Not only do you travel through some of the most beautiful areas of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € )(Pandaria has a lot of visual highlights to offer), but you also get the title "Seeker of Knowledge" as a reward for the achievement - and according to WoWHead, only three percent of all WoW profiles have achieved this. The farm in WoW Mists of Pandaria has no gameplay advantage today, but it is a pleasant place to relax. Source: buffed

No stone left unt


If you find the effort of excavating in Pandaria too great or the luck-based search for certain artifacts too stressful, we have another excavation achievement for you: "No stone left unturned" requires you to complete 250 Legion excavation sites on the Devastated Isles. 250 sounds a lot easier than 720, doesn't it? And again, you'll get to see lots of great scenery and receive a special title as a reward, "the Excavator," which two percent of all profiles have achieved. A final tip: Enchantment artists can craft the Gauntlet Enchantment "Survey of the Devastated Isles", which significantly increases the speed of archaeological investigations on the Devastated Isles.

Your little farm - farming to switch off

Table of Contents1

. Fishing in WoW - still waters and golden beaches1.1. The secret fish of Mechagon2. Archaeology in WoW - dig until the doctor comes2.1. the home of knowledge2.2. no stone left unturned3. Your little farm - farming to switch off4. Azeroth is worth a trip4.1. By ground mount from the Eastern Plaguelands to Loot Bay4.2. Traveling with WoW's alternative modes of transport5. From mini-games to jukeboxes - More ways to relax in AzerothIt

sometimes happens that successful personalities suddenly decide to quit their jobs to devote themselves to farm life - to relax, slow down and relieve stress. That's exactly what you can do in WoW, too, by tilling your own little farm in Pandaria. The feature that Blizzard introduced as a precursor to the Garrison in Mists of Pandaria is somewhat reminiscent of a Spartan version of Harvest Moon and is still fun, even though the harvested crops no longer have any real use.

If you want to escape the stressful city life of Stormwind or Orgrimmar and simply enjoy a relaxing change, first go to the Valley of the Four Winds on Pandaria, more precisely to Halfhill, a Pandar village located in the center of the zone. There you'll meet Farmer Yoon, who asks for your help in managing the farm his grandfather left him. The task "A Helping Hand" starts an extensive series of quests in which you'll build up the farm and learn how to plant and harvest crops. Later on, you'll unlock daily quests that will help you increase your reputation among the farmers' faction and expand your farm's base area. You'll also be able to make friends with the individual farmers in Halfhill to unlock special rewards like farm animals and furniture for your farmhouse.
The farm feature in Pandaria is very extensive and will keep you busy for quite some time if you want to unlock all the rewards and components.


farm itself works like a game within a game with a variety of tasks, so it's a great way to unwind and take your mind off things.


is worth the trip

Blizzard once called flying in WoW a big mistake, saying that players don't get enough of Azeroth's zones if they can constantly travel through the air from A to B without setting foot on the ground. Whether or not flying was actually a mistake is a matter of debate, but it's obvious that we're missing out on a lot if we don't use ground mounts at all. Traveling through Azeroth on a ground mount offers several advantages: We can see the game world with more open eyes, discover small and large peculiarities, and also relax wonderfully when we ride comfortably over the cobbled streets of Elwynn or go on a hike through the Alterac Mountains.

If you now want to travel through Azeroth, which invites you to relax and enjoy, you will find a few suggestions for extended riding tours, but also alternative routes with special means of transportation. If you would like to have a relaxed look at the Barrens and Mulgore from above, the trip with the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Donnerfels is worth it. Source: buffed

Groundmount from the Eastern Plaguelands to Booty Bay

The Eastern Kingdoms have a lot to offer visually. You'll see plenty of it as you ride south from the Eastern Plaguelands until you arrive in Booty Bay. Numerous attractions lie on your way, for example:

  • the enchanted mushroom circle in the western swamps of Tirisfal (at 17/67), where a few singing fairy dragons appear every 15 minutes
  • the waterfalls in Elwynn Forest, where you can meet a number of curious NPCs
  • the old iron forge, which you can enter through a door in the throne room and where you can admire, among other things, the sacred iron forge
  • a secret passage in the Dwarven District of Stormwind, which you can enter through the back door of the Cutthroat Alley
  • numerous NPCs reminiscent of real (and sometimes deceased) people, for example Bradford T. Karon (Brad Lawson) in the foothills of the Hill Country or the Unknown Soldier in the northeast of Bleak Forest

Traveling with WoW


s alternative modes of transportation

The Deep Railway, which transports you from Stormwind to Ironforge and back, as well as the ships and zeppelins that you can use to travel between the various continents of Azeroth, make for rather expedient travel. If you want to get from one point to another quickly, you're in good hands. However, there are a few means of transportation in WoW beyond the classic mounts and the usual flight and ship routes, which invite you to relax and are also a lot of fun:

  • The rocket train in Azshara - get on at one point and be transported to the other end of the map (extra tip: zoom in so far on your character with the camera that you can experience the ride from a first-person perspective).

The rocket train in Azshara lets you experience the new home of the Goblins in WoW: Cataclysm from a whole new perspective. Source: buffed

  • The Zeppelin ride from Orgrimmar to Thunderrock - travel back and forth between the two capitals on the Zeppelin for a breathtaking view of the landscapes below (no loading screen)
  • You'll also have the opportunity to build your own boat or raft for a relaxing river or sea cruise on the waters of Azeroth (and fishing on the side):
    • During the mini-holiday "Dance of a Thousand Boats," you can craft a small boat that will carry you across the water for seven days and move faster than a flying mount.
    • The quests in Thousand Needles reward you with a river boat, but it is only usable in Thousand Needles.
    • Once you have gained a respectable reputation with the faction The Anglers in Pandaria, their leader Nat Pagle will sell you a fishing raft that you can use anywhere on Azeroth.

The Fishing Raft allows you to travel leisurely across rivers and lakes throughout Azeroth. Source: buffed

Minigames and jukeboxes - More ways to relax in A



offers many ways to relax outside of the end-game grind and the leveling phase - and we haven't listed all of them in this article. Be it the various mini-games like the postmaster quest in Dalaran, the Plants-vs-Zombies clone in the Foothills of the Hills and the challenges of the Darkmoon Faire, be it the possibility to unlock special music tracks via the Gramophone of Mechagon or the Music Box of the Garrison, be it the numerous hidden Easter Eggs that Azeroth has to offer: WoW rewards you for going off the beaten path and embracing the slowdown options the developers give you.

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