Update from December 28, 2020: After successfully surviving the holidays, the World First Race of Castle Nathria is still going on, because so far it has only been determined which guilds are in 1st and 2nd place. Complexity Limit was placed by Count Denathrius on December 23, 2020, and Echo on December 24. Several guilds then fell behind, as they had yet to defeat not only mythic Denathrius, but also the Stone Legion generals.

It has since

emerged that a European guild will likely bag the third mythic Denathrius kill. Both Fatsharkyes and Pieces defeated the Stone Legion generals on December 27, 2020; Pieces three quarters of an hour before Fatshark. At least Pieces reports a best pull with currently just under 34 percent. Meanwhile, twelve raid groups are currently chomping at the bit to defeat Generals Kaal and Grashaal, including Method, Aversion, and Exorsus.

Update from December 24, 3:30 p.m.: Congratulations now also to Echo. The World 2nd Kill of Count Denathrius goes to the European guild around raid leader Scripe. Similar to Limit, the kill was preceded by some very promising pulls, but always lacked the last percentage point (and even less). It will be interesting to see now that the top two WoW guilds have given themselves a Christmas present, which team will follow in 3rd place. The Stone Legion Generals have not yet beaten any other guild except Limit and Echo

]Update from December 23, 2020, 23:10: Congratulations across the pond to Complexity Limit, as the well-rehearsed raid squad pulled off an extremely clean first kill of the first Shadowlands raid end boss at around 11:07pm after an evening of several near "picture perfect" Denathrius pulls! It took Limit a total of 143 attempts to get the boss. Echo is still aiming for 2nd place so far, as the only other guild already at Denathrius


Update from December 23, 2020, 6:00pm: A lot has happened, especially in Limit's camp. One of the recent pulls brought Denathrius down to 4.72 percent of his health, which in turn caused Echo to cancel the Heroic split runs granted in between to return to the mythic final boss of Nathria. Meanwhile, Pieces (EU), Big Dumb Gaming (US), FatSharkYes (EU), Method (EU), and Skyline (Asia) continue to hang on to the mythic generals of the Stone Legion. However, Asian guilds Jitianhong and Alpha have since joined the generals; Aversion and Exorsus have thus slipped down the rankings.

Original news: Is Count Denathrius in the world-first race in the first race of WoW (buy now € 14.99 ): Shadowlands fallen yet? The answer, in a nutshell: No. The guilds that are currently in the top ten places in the world rankings still have a lot to chew on, and not just Denathrius himself, but also the minions before him. Currently (as of December 23, 2020, 10:00 AM), only two guilds have defeated the Stone Legion generals on Mythic difficulty, and that is the US guild Limit, followed by the EU guild Echo.

With the reset for Limit (on the evening of December 22. December 2020 our time), the guild's raiders began the Mythic-Reclear of Castle Nathria and Heroic Splitruns for more armor items at an Ilvl-210+ level before returning to battle against Denathrius himself. The Mythic reclear didn't cause any problems for players, by the way; not even with roadblock bosses like Silt Fist and the Generals. The new clothes on some of the roster's heroes' bodies are having an effect: The best pull on Denathrius is currently 16.2% for Limit, and that's with less than 100 pulls in total so far. Impressive!

Echo's players are not that far behind . Before the reset, the players reported 83 pulls via Twitter and the best pull at 25.9 percent. Watching was not possible: When the guild reached Denathrius on the evening of 21.12., the players decided to leave the streaming as far as possible - so that Limit could not copy anything. So it remains exciting. Before going to Denathrius with the reset for Echo, people will first have to face the other nine mythical bosses again. Whether that will cost valuable time in the race to win the firstkill of Denathrius remains to be seen - Echo players have a bit of time, as Limit raiders have taken a nap for now. However, it can be expected that both Limit and Echo will still lay Denathrius with this ID (until 12/29/30/2020). Maybe it will be exciting already in the next hours! We'll keep you updated in that regard, of course.

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How do things look in the places behind Limit and Echo? Pieces (EU), Big Dumb Gaming (US), FatSharkYes (EU), Method (EU) and Skyline (Asia) continue to face the generals of the Stone Legion. Pieces is at more than 200 pulls now, but has also made the most progress toward becoming a Generals killer with 50.9%


The German guild Aversion, Jitianhong from Asia, and the Russian clan Exorsus, on the other hand, are still grappling with Schlickfaust. The stone digger with the plate on his back has already proven himself to be a 1A patchwork DpS roadblock in recent days. Even though that looks close: Aversion and Exorsus had their best pulls at under 2 percent of Siltfaust's life energy each. That's still a lot of health to blast out of the hunk, though. Still, we wish both raid groups progress soon, of course. Endless wipes on Silt Fist aren't pretty - especially not for Aversion, with over 500 pulls so far.

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