Community Manager Kaivax addressed the community a few hours ago on the official World of Warcraft forums, reminding them that there will be a seasonal reset with the launch of WoW: Shadowlands on November 24 at 0:00.

Specifically, the seasonal reset means that your Honor available on all characters at that time and every bit of Titan Residue will be converted into an equivalent amount of Silver. Also, your PvP Conquest Points counter will be set to zero.

The first season of Shadowlands will then start on December 09 with the opening of the normal as well as heroic difficulty level of the raid challenge Nathria, the start of the Mythic Plus season as well as the start of the rated PvP games. Then, from December 16 to February 03, the total of four LFR wings will open. The World-First-Race on mythic difficulty will take place in the week before Christmas (and beyond?!).

By the way, we're planning a comprehensive preview of Shadowlands Season 1 for next Saturday, so it's worth checking out buffed this weekend.

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