As we all know, Season 2 of WoW: Shadowlands kicks off on July 07. Included:

  • The second Mythic and PvP season of Shadowlands has begun.
  • The new seasonal affix Tormented now awaits you in Mythic Plus 10 dungeons.
  • The Sanctum of Domination raid instance opens on Normal and Heroic.
  • The new world boss Mor'geth makes his first appearance.
  • Tazavesh, WoW's new megadungeon, opens its doors.

The start of the season will also affect the loot you can earn via the Treasury. But when exactly will Season 2 rewards be available? As early as the next ID change? Or not until July 14? Community Manager Kaivax has published a post in the official WoW forum to answer these questions in detail.

Details on the first week of July

  • After the next weekly server restart on July 07, you will receive rewards from the Great Treasury just as in previous weeks. You will receive the loot by defeating raid bosses in Castle Nathria again, completing Season 1 mythic keystone dungeons, and earning honor in rated PvP matches.
  • With the season launch on July 07, all Mythic+ scores will be reset to 0 and all Mythic Keystone scores will be reduced by an additional 3 levels to account for the overall increase in dungeon difficulty.
  • Players of Mythic Keystone dungeons who want to dust off the best rewards from the Great Treasury for their achievements at the start of Season 2 will need to complete those dungeons at +15 or higher during the week of July 7-13.
  • The item level of loot at the end of Mythic Keystone dungeons will only increase to Mythic+10 during the week of July 7-13. Upgrades to gear from rated PvP in Season 2 are initially limited to Rival (item base level 239) until Sanctum of Domination is available on Mythic difficulty.

Details on the second week of July

  • Following the first week of Season 2, the Great Treasury will offer upgraded rewards starting with the weekly server restart on July 14 in this region. These include rewards from the Sanctum of Domination raid, Unleashed Gladiator PvP gear, and higher item level Mythic+ rewards.
  • The raid loot from the Great Treasury can only come from the bosses you have already defeated on the unlocked difficulty. So, for example, you'll need to defeat Kel'Thuzad on Heroic difficulty before his Heroic-quality loot can appear in the Grand Treasury.
  • Blizzard has made a few small changes to the item level increase for Mythic+ rewards in Season 2, so progress better the items on some difficulty levels stronger previous raid rewards. You now need to master Mythic+15 or higher to get the highest possible item level from the Great Treasury. Mythic+14 or higher will give you the highest possible item level at the end of the dungeon.
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