When WoW: Shadowlands is released, the so-called pacts will be at the center of the expansion. In addition to the various pact abilities that we can unlock for our classes after joining a pact in the Shadowlands endgame, there are also the so-called pact professions. Two of them already exist in the alpha, the Craft of the Ascended (Kyrian) and the Abominable Sewing (Maldraxxi).


Vanion reports, Blizzard has expanded the professions in the current alpha build with various recipes and materials that we don't want to deprive you


The Craft of the Ascended

Those who practice the Craft of the Ascended can expect to use the following materials:

  • Elysian feathers - reagent from the wings of flying creatures of the Shadowlands.
  • Fur of the Champion - shimmering pelts from wild animals of the Shadowlands
  • Nightforged Steel
  • Calloused bone
  • Soul Mirror Shard - obtained from fallen Kyrians who use it to try to capture past memories
  • Manipulated Anima Charger - enhances fallen centurions
  • Spent Goliath Core - power up Goliaths with Anima

In addition, these recipes are available by current alpha level:

  • Soul Mirror
  • Overcharged Goliath Core
  • Herald's Foot Pads - If you wear the Herald's Foot Pads you can charge forward. This cancels slowdowns and movement restricting effects.
  • Deep Echo Trident
  • Equipment 3 - Placeholder
  • Equipment 4 - Placeholder
  • Equipment 5 - Placeholder
  • Lucky Soul Strength Charm - Lucky Soul Strength Charm increases the health of your Soul Covenant by 10% for the next encounter in the Path of Ascension
  • Lure 2 - Placeholder
  • Lure 3 - Placeholder
  • Lure 4 - Placeholder
  • Lure 5 - Placeholder
  • Lure 6 - Placeholder
  • Lure 7 - placeholder
  • Lure 8 - Placeholder
  • Lure 9 - placeholder
  • Lure 10 - Placeholder

The Abominable Sewing

The following materials are currently available in Shadowlands Alpha for the Abominable Sewing:

  • Malleable Flesh - Pack enough together and you have a construct!
  • Anima-Bound Wraps - Wraps empowered with anima that strengthen bones and flesh.

In addition, these recipes exist:

  • Construct Body: "Atticus" (Basic) - A skilled supply construct with a random inventory of gathered goods for sale daily.
  • Construct Body: "Rose" (base) - a construct that can heal friendly units nearby
  • Construct Body: "Marz" (base) - a construct that can attract the enemy's attention on the battlefield
  • Construct Body: "Flytrap" (base) - a construct that can travel and fight while carrying its user on its shoulders
  • Construct Body: "Chordy" (Base) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Neena" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Toothpick" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Professor" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Miru" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Mama Tomalin" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Construct Body: "Guest Bag" (Special) - Unknown Description
  • Abominable Fuse (consumable) - a bugle that summons Emeni, who will assist you in battle for a short period of time
  • Bag of Creepy Crawlies (consumable) - opens a bag full of disturbing creatures that distract all nearby enemies for 30 seconds; can only be used in the Shadowlands (1 minute cooldown)
  • Restore Construct (consumable) - brings a recently dead or missing construct back to the battlefield
  • Construct Disguise (consumable) - disguises you as a member of the House of Constructs (1 minute cooldown)
  • Little Eddie (consumable) - summons Little Eddie, an annoying construct that is hard to get rid of
  • Anima-bound wraps - strengthen bones and flesh

What do you think of the details on the Pact professions revealed so far? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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