In most cases, the current raids offer the best trinkets for our heroes in WoW. Every now and then, however, Trinkets from other sources come into focus. This is also the case in the current patch, where many classes and playstyles rely on trinkets that come from world quests or a mythical dungeon, for example. To ensure that these do not continue to be the ultimate in the upcoming patch 9.2, when the rewards from world quests will be increased again, Blizzard has now intervened and will distribute hard nerfs in the upcoming update.

New versions of well-known Trinkets

However, the developers do not directly nerf the existing Trinkets, but simply exchange them for a weaker version. Those who already own the affected Trinkets will keep this version. From 9.2 onwards, however, only weaker versions will be available.

  • The Holy Bell of the Trainer and Ticking Sack of Terror will be weakened!

The Bell is extremely popular with Venthyr Owls in particular, but also with all other playstyles that rely on massive burst damage. With patch 9.2 it will be replaced by the Holy Bell of the Trainer. This one offers about 40 percent less mastery, but the runtime has been increased from nine to 15 seconds. So the gem is still strong, but less "bursty".

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The damage of the Ticking Bag of Terror is simply reduced by about 24 percent. This is important because the trinket will soon be available with a much higher item level, since Tazavesh will also be available as a Mythic-Plus dungeon in Patch 9.2.

We are curious to see if this was just the beginning and more trinkets will follow. Because there are still a number of Trinkets that are used excessively often and are significantly stronger than others. We can think of the Unfathomable Quantum Device or the Vial of Rot, for example.

Do you think it's good that strong trinkets are being generated, or are you okay with go-to trinkets like this?

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