Just before the start of Mythic-Plus Season 2 of WoW Shadowlands, Blood Death Knight Celalinda pulled off another World-First achievement in Season 1. The player managed to single-handedly complete Halls of Atonement on difficulty +19. The previous World First was a +17 Mist of Tirna Scithe (also set by Celalinda). The entire run took Celalinda just over four hours, which is broken down to eight minutes in the video below.

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If you want, you can also watch the full 4-hour run on his YouTube channel Mulin i. For any doubters, here is the Warcraftlog of the run. In the logs, you can see how much healing Blood Death Knights are capable of when fighting multiple mobs. Among other things, the highlight of the log is the 20,000+ HpS at 1 hr 20 mins.

The affixes in this run are Reinforced, Bloody, Quivering, and of course Pride. The biggest challenge was the second boss of the dungeon, whose adds could cast their spells multiple times. For each spell, Celalinda had to have full health and then heal right back up to survive the total of three spells per add wave. Another problem in this fight is the boss's stun, which Death Knights can make themselves immune to, but the immune effect isn't ready for every stun.

Character Details
Item Level: 229.18Values
: 6% crit, 20.003 speed, 12.5% versatility, 63.49 masteryPact
: VenthyrLegendarys
: Supervirus, Blood Shadow's DominionJewels

: Blood Splattered Scale, Shattered Heart of Al'arSoul Ties
: see wowhead.com

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