Datamining for WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2 is in full swing. Dataminer Simaia noticed something interesting in the game files. There are signs in the Lua files that you will not only be able to create male and female WoW characters in patch 9.2, but also select your alter ego as "both" or "none

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Gender neutral option still speculation

Currently, these types of files are only used for armor sets that change their appearance based on gender - a transmog can be more revealing for women and use a different texture than for men, which is noted with this index. At the same time, another robe that uses the same model for both genders would be marked as "both."

However, this is nothing new, all four options have been in the database files for at least several extensions, although "none" seems to have never really been used.

The addition for "both" to the table affects the documentation. This information is used in the hair salon to change gender and affects the character's appearance as well as various quest dialogs. The addition of "both" to the documentation could indicate new options in the future, but is far from confirmed.
WoW Patch 9.2 Datamining: Signs of gender-neutral character options (1) Source: @keyboardturn

WoW could follow suit

Theoretically, Blizzard could add these new options to the hair salon at any time, although it is uncertain how this would actually be represented in the game. With Shadowlands, the developers introduced the official first transgender character (Pelagos), who will apparently also take the place of the judge in Oribos


World of Warcraft (buy now ) wouldn't be the first game to embrace this idea, as it's a growing trend in the industry. Games like Pyre, Saints Row 4 and New World already have options that allow players to choose their preferred pronouns, while some other games are breaking down traditional barriers by allowing players to use female hairstyles or makeup for men and assign male voices to women.

What do you think of this change (if it's really coming)? Write us in the comments.

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