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. WoW: DpS at Shrillwing2. WoW: DpS at hunter Altimor3. WoW: DpS at the Starving Destroyer4. WoW: DpS at Saving the Sun King5. WoW: DpS at Constructor Xy'mox6. WoW: DpS at Lady Inerva Dunkelader7. WoW: DpS at the Council of Blood8. WoW: DpS at Silt Fist9. WoW: DpS at the generals of the stone legion10. WoW: DpS at Count Denathrius11. WoW: DpS overall conclusion

The WoW raid Castle Nathria has been open for weeks now and thousands of groups are fighting through the raid every day and knocking down the ten bosses. The class adjustments, new Legendarys, pacts, and the elimination of old systems have shaken up the class balance quite a bit and led to a rather weak balancing. As a result, Blizzard has brought several hotfixes to the live servers and recently pushed a whole bunch of further adjustments with patch 9.0.5 . So we're taking another look at the DpS of the various classes and playstyles to see if the balancing has finally improved with the patch.

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Initial situation

To really find out what the classes are currently doing, we're limiting ourselves to the top ten percent of all heroic logs for each class. This way, we make sure the numbers aren't skewed by weaker players or incorrect logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). However, since these numbers were usually achieved with very good gear and the right Legendarys and the best pacts, the pure stats are not very meaningful. That said, many high-level logs are only achieved through the concentrated use of support spells like Soul of Power on individual players. So if you can't get close to the numbers listed, don't worry. However, they are quite useful for the relationship between the classes.

WoW: DpS at Shrillwing

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Shrillwing Source: buffed / Warcraflogs Although there are hardly any mechanics in Shrillwing and most of the time you can just mindlessly push through your rotation on a target, the differences in DpS were huge. This situation has been alleviated by patch 9.0.5 in any case. The classes have moved much closer together. Actually, there are only two things that bother me about Schrillschwinge's DpS ranking. First, of course, is the Shadow Priest, who towers over all other classes by a huge margin. No other playstyle even comes close to the damage that a well-played Shadow Priest can do here. The second is the slightly larger gap behind the top tier, which consists primarily of classes whose damage keeps rolling thanks to DoTs or similar effects, while everyone has to hide behind the pillar. If these two jumps were toned down a bit, you'd be close to perfect balancing. - Raidguide to Shrillwing.

WoW: DpS at hunter Altimor

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Hunter Altimor Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
If you take a look at the DpS of the game modes in Hunter Altimor, you might think there never was a balancing patch 9.0.5. Affliction Warlocks are still far above all other classes. They are followed by Balance Druid and Shadow Priest by a wide margin. The biggest winner, however, is the Assassin Rogue. A few weeks ago, this was one of the absolute weakest playstyles on the second boss in Castle Nathria. Now, however, he can keep up with the absolute top classes. However, the gaps between the strong and rather weak classes are still way too big. The Witchers in first place do about 40 percent more damage than the Arcane Mages in last place. So in terms of cleave damage, the balancing patch has done little. - Raidguide to Hunter Altimor.

WoW: DpS at the Starving Destroyer

WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - Starving Destroyer Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
The third fight in Castle Nathria is again a fight against a single target, where relatively little movement is required. Therefore, as with Shrillwing, Shadow Priests are at the top of the list. However, the gap is not quite as extreme. Once again, the Assassin Rogue makes the biggest jump from near the bottom to second place. The rest of the top spots belong to the usual suspects. Balance Druids, Fire Mages, and Affliction Warlocks. Frost Mages can also rejoice - they gave up the red lantern to their Arcane counterparts and now stand in the solid midfield, while Furor Warriors have overtaken their Weapon counterparts.-Hungry Destroyer raid guide.

WoW: DpS in the rescue of the Sun King

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Saving the Sun King. Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
In the healer battle Save the Sun King, players will have to deal with a lot of enemies that stream into the battle area in waves. This is where the buff to Furor Warrior really kicks in, catapulting the melee fighter from mid-tier to near the top of the rankings. Only the owl, which just a few weeks ago was uncatchably ahead of all other playstyles, is still a little bit better off. Behind the top two classes, there's a huge gap before we move on to other specs that have their strength in burst damage on multiple targets: Fire Mage, Unholy Death Knight, and Retribution Paladins. Assassin Rogues, formerly completely relegated to last place, are still way down, but not as disastrous as they once were. Aside from the top two classes, though, the balancing shows up quite nicely, considering this isn't a classic "us versus the boss" fight. - Raid guide to saving the Sun King.

WoW: DpS at Constructor Xy'mox

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Xy'mox Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
A fight against a single target? Sure thing, once again the Shadow Priest is on top and can also keep the strengthened Assassin Rogue just behind him. Basically, the picture is similar to what we see in all single target battles. We have a top group that clearly stands out from the rest of the classes. Depending on the fight, the members of this group vary a bit. In addition to the usual suspects, the Wildness Druid can sneak in this time, among others. Survival hunters are at the bottom. It's a shame, really, that this class never really kept up with its classmates after the major overhaul in Legion. - Raidguide to Constructor Xy'mox.

WoW: DpS at Lady Inerva Dunkelader

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Lady Inerva Dunkelader Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
In Lady Inerva it goes against a target that is supported again and again by two emerging Adds. So in principle, classes that can deal high damage to single targets as well as burst damage to multiple targets should be up front. However, since single target damage is more important, Shadow Priests are at the top. Once again, the buffed Assassin Rogues take the spot right behind them, followed by the usual suspects. Lawlessness Rogues, the top damage dealers on Inerva Dark Leader just a few weeks ago, fall back a bit, but are still doing well. - Raidguide to Lady Inerva Dunkelader.

WoW: DpS at the Council of Blood

WoW: DpS at Nathria Castle - Council of Blood Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
Although it's against three bosses at the Council of Blood, it's mainly a single target fight. That's because the other two bosses heal back up after a teammate dies. Still, adds keep popping up that need to be killed. And thanks to the buff you get three times in the fight, classes with massive burst damage are very strong here. For this reason, the Shadow Priest doesn't make it to first place for once, but has to settle for third. Ahead of them are the Owl and the Fire Mage. Together with the Broken Warlock, they make up the undisputed top group. Aside from these four classes, the balancing behind them looks pretty good. Whether or not you think a four-person top group is better now than the status a few weeks ago, where balance druids alone were at the top (about 15 percent ahead of all other classes), is for everyone to decide. - Raid guides to Council of Blood.

WoW: DpS at Silt Fist

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Silt Fist Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
Silt Fist is the DpS check in Castle Nathria and demands top performance from your damage dealers. Unfortunately, especially with a boss like this, the balancing doesn't look as good as you'd want from a boss with fairly straightforward mechanics. Actually, you'd expect the Shadow Priest to be right up front here as well. However, the Affliction Warlock is the absolute benchmark here. This is due to the four burst phases where you do double damage to the boss. A lot of damage in a short amount of time just suits the Witches, Fire Mages, and Balance Druids better. The red lantern is taken by the Devastation Demon Hunters. Warriors and Monks don't fare much better - their DpS specs put them all in the bottom five. - Raidguide to Silt Fist.

WoW: DpS at the generals of the stone legion

WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - Generals of the Stone Legion Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
In the generals, the nerf of the balance druids is making itself felt. Just above the Affliction Warlocks a few weeks ago, they are now a good bit behind the Warlocks. However, both classes still have a healthy lead over all other playstyles. Only Shadow Priests can halfway keep up. Excluding those three specs, and the Deception Rogues, which are in last place, would give us excellent balancing. However, Blizzard can't (or won't) seem to get the three overpowered playstyles to really slow down effectively. - Raidguide to the generals of the stone legion.

WoW: DpS at Count Denathrius

WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - Count Denathrius Source: buffed / Warcraflogs
In the final battle of Castle Nathria you have to deal with huge amounts of Adds in the first phase, before only a few, scattered Adds intervene in the battle in the second phase. In the last phase the boss is all alone. A few weeks ago the death knights were on top of this mixed fight. They are still strong, but have been outclassed by Fire Mages and Affliction Warlocks. The overall balance doesn't look any better now than it did before patch 9.0.5, with only Frost Mages, who were at the bottom of the pack at the time, moving much closer to the rest of the playstyles. But the differences are still huge. - Guide to Count Denathrius.

WoW: DpS overall conclusion

Looking at the balancing across all fights, Balance Druids narrowly lose their title as the DpS strongest class in Castle Nathria to Affliction Warlocks. Assassin Rogues jump from second to last place to the top spot. More interestingly, though, although the balancing shows little improvement on individual bosses, the overall impression is positive. On average across all bosses, the classes are much closer together than they were a few weeks ago. If all classes are now gradually accustomed to the new conditions (for example, changed to the now best Legendarys), the whole thing should look a bit better. It's a pity that the same classes are still on top. A little more mixing would be desirable. But as long as that shifts a bit in the bigger patches, everyone should be happy with it.

Here you can find all boss rankings including the numbers in the picture gallery:

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WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - complete overview [Source: buffed / Warcraflogs

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