WoW fans worldwide will be able to enjoy official WoW Classic servers (buy now €24.99 ). Not only does this make for a much slower Warcraft experience, but it also reminds us of what convenience features are available in the latest WoW retail version. Slowly but surely, we approach the first instances in WoW Classic - and inevitably face a certain issue: Threat generation, as well as the display of same - because without any addons, dealing damage is like drawing the lottery. But fortunately there is a remedy for this in the form of a small but nice addon, which we would like to introduce to you today: ClassicThreatMeter.

What can ClassicThreatMeter do?

This little addon is like a lifesaver in WoW. Due to the fact that Blizzard implemented the threat API only with patch 3.0.2, it is not possible in the current WoW Classic version to obtain this information through the game itself. So in order to assess our own generated threat level in relation to the rest of the group, we need such assistance.

What customization options does ClassicThreatMeter have?

The settings window of the addon offers little room for individualization... Source: buffed You can access the addon's settings in two different ways.

  • The first is via the chat command "/ctm" and the second is via the interface options of the Blizzard interface. You can find them under:Escape --> Interface Options --> AddOns

At the moment ClassicThreatMeter only allows rudimentary customization options. For example, you can change the size of the window as well as the number of players to be displayed. This is what the ClassicThreatMeter looks like when you are the only one using it. Source: buffed By the way - if you're wondering why only you appear in the list: That's because only those players are displayed who also use the addon. Accordingly, you have to rely on the ClassicThreatMeter especially for your tank.

How do I install an addon in WoW Classic?

Here on buffed there is already a separate Classic section in the Addon section, which is currently and will be fed with recommended ones in the near future. There you can download the latest version of your desired addon. These addons are usually packaged as ZIP or RAR files. After downloading, you can simply unzip the file and move it to the addon directory of your WoW folder. You can find this under: World of Warcraft /_classic_/Interface/AddOns.

We wish you a lot of fun and above all a long life in World of Warcraft Classic.