WoW Classic (buy now 24,99 € ) still enjoys high popularity months after its re-release. Now, a few days ago, the second Classic phase was ushered in, which, among other things, also brought the long-awaited PvP system to Azeroth. In addition, two new world bosses have been raging in the World of Warcraft for a few days now - below we have the most important information as well as two retro videos for you. (via World of Warcraft)

Classic Phase 2 has begun - these are the world bosses

With the second Classic Phase, the first two world bosses will appear: Azuregos appears in Azshara, while Lord Kazzak rages in the Desolate Lands. Below we have compiled the most important information as well as two retro videos of the bosses.

Lord Kazzak

Lord Kazzak can be found in the Rotten Scar in the Desolate Lands, but his Shadowbolt Volley is the main source of massive party damage, so be on the lookout!

  • Location: Rotten Scar - Desolate LandsRecommended level: 60Recommended party size: 40

Related Quests:

  • Priest - Lord Kazzak is guaranteed to drop The Eye of Shadows. This will give you possession of the Blessing or Banishing Curse weapon.


A member of the blue dragonflight, this world boss lives in Azshara and guards the magical artifacts. Hunters in particular can look forward to the blue dragon's prey!

  • Location: AzsharaRecommended level: 60Recommended party size: 40

Related quests

  • Hunter - Azuregos guards Ancient Lamina Wrapped in Sinew. This will give you a special pouch that every hunter should carry!