Few classes are as limited in their choice of race as druids. On the Alliance side, only Night Elves, Kul Tirans and Worgen can learn how to transform into different animal forms for battle. On the Horde side, there are four different races: Trolls, Tauren, Hochbergtauren and Zandalaritrolls. According to some players, other races would also be ideal for learning the druidic art. A diligent reddit user named Kord has now shown how, for example, the Nightborn could look like as druids. There are several models in the game that would be very well suited to represent the various animal forms.
Only in the case of the bear form, Blizzard would either have to resort to the model of a turtle, or bring a new bear form into the game. How this could look, however, the user also shows directly with a picture.

If Nightborne could be druids... from r/wow

Whether Nightborn druids make sense from a lore perspective is, of course, another matter entirely - but visually we find them quite appealing. Especially the costume of the astral guardian, the druid set from the normal difficulty level of the Nightborne Fortress fits perfectly to the Nightborne.

What's your take on this - could you get on board with it, or would you rather see other class-race combinations in the game? And if so, what combination would you like to see made possible in Blizzard's upcoming Shadowlands expansion? Tell us in the comments.

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