The beta of WoW Shadowlands has been running for a good two weeks and players are busy testing everything possible and sending bugs to the developers. Now Blizzard has sent statistics on the Shadowlands beta to some testers via email, showing which areas you have completed, what the highest completed Torghast level was, how many quests were completed, what the most defeated enemy type was and how many bugs you have sent to the development team during the testing phase.

In the beta of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Shadowlands have so far been


... 2,361 unique bugs found
... 878,043 quests completed
... Players killed 88,418 times
... 70,700 Torghast runs completed
... Warrior most played
... most players killed in The Other Side dungeon most

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WoW Shadowlands: 2,361 bugs, 70,770 Torghast runs - the statistics of the beta (1) [Source: Blizzard

]In addition to the number of reported bugs, the personal mail also contains the date of the first bug report, your busiest day in terms of bugs and the specialty of your bug reports - which should be "General Bugs" for most players.

Players in the community are currently boasting about who found the most bugs


For example, Reddit user Peach774, who has submitted nearly 1,000 bugs to the developers in the Shadowlands beta and is helping (with hopefully meaningful contributions) to ensure that Shadowlands can be uploaded to the live servers as bug-free as possible.

Any luck with the beta invite? If so, how many bugs did you find? Write us in the comments.

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