Update from February 13 at 0:01 am:
It has started, the third content phase of WoW Classic. All information about the new content can be found below. We wish you good loot!

Original news:
An exciting week awaits all players of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic, because the third content phase is about to premiere. Whereby: Individual contents of the content package are already available in the game: For example, you can already go in search of Darkmoon maps, visit the Darkmoon Faire, or complete the preliminary quest for access to the Pitchwing Lair. Below you will find all the important dates and information about the already implemented and upcoming content.

The New Pitchwing Hoard Raid

In the dark hollows of the mountaintop, Nefarian, the eldest son of Deathwing, conducts some of his most gruesome experiments, controlling powerful beings like puppets and crossing the eggs of various dragon swarms with horrific results. Should he succeed, even more horrific events are on the horizon. And yet, the ruler of the Blackrock is no mere scientist - he is a giant dragon, confined to his lair. Can he really be vanquished by mortal hands?

The poll quest "Blackhand's Command" for the Pitchwing Hoard has already been available since January 10. The raid itself will open its doors on February 13 at 00:01. Here are the already published articles around BWL:

  • The best loot from the Pechschwingenhort aka BWL
  • How to prepare for BWL!
  • How hard will the Pitchwing Lair (BWL) raid be?
  • Pitchwing Lair - Info and pictures of all Tier 2 sets
  • WoW Classic: Pitchwing Hoard - Retro Guide to BWL

Class quests from level 50

All characters who have reached level 50 will be able to begin class-specific quests with class trainers in the main cities starting February 13. As a reward for these quests, you can choose one of three powerful rare items. Which items these are for all classes and what you have to do in detail is revealed in the following guide:

  • Phase 3 - Class quests for level 50 and their rewards.

The new reputation rewards

The faction traders of Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Wood Maw Stronghold, Silverwing Shield Guards, and Warsong Vanguard will offer you items as reputation rewards starting February 13, which were introduced in the original WoW in patches 1.6 and 1.7. Again, we have already summarized all the recipes for you in an extra article:

  • The new reputation faction rewards in phase 3.

Eternal Quintessence

Player characters who have completed the Hands of the Enemy quest and achieved Respectable reputation with the Hydraxians can now obtain the Eternal Quintessence from Lord Hydraxis.

The Darkmoon Faire opens its doors

For the Darkmoon Faire, Silas Darkmoon has gathered exotic items from around the world (and beyond!) to celebrate all that is wondrous and mysterious in Azeroth. While the Faire usually pitches its tents in unfamiliar places, from time to time it makes stops in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. Before the fair opens its gates, barkers in Orgrimmar and Ironforge will alert you to its imminent arrival.

Starting today, February 10, the Classic Darkmoon Faire will open for the first time. Where. Near Thunder Bluff in Mulgore. In addition, you can already find the Darkmoon cards for the Beast, Elemental, Portal, and Warlord card sets since February 5. All information about the card sets and the Darkmoon Faire can be found below.

  • The Darkmoon Faire is now open!
  • Darkmoon Faire - Card Sets, Quests, Minigames, and More

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