The hero's equipment is largely responsible for what druid, rogue and co. are capable of. At least in part, this statement is completely true. However, the equipment, with all the additional things like essences, corrupting effects, etc., merely sets the upper limit of performance. With green-blue crap gear, even the best player in the world can't keep up. On the other hand, it's easily possible to match absolute garbage even with the perfect gear. That's why WoW players have been looking for ways to rate other players ever since pick-up groups (i.e. spontaneously assembled groups where you hardly know your teammates, if at all) existed. If you've been playing for a while, you'll remember "Gearcheck Dala Mitte" and the Gearscore add-on. But that only rated the equipment. Later, the successes of the players were looked at and only those who had already laid the bosses were taken into account (curve-only). In the meantime, the leaders of the pick-up groups already check the logs on Warcraftlogs to really only take the best players from the flood of applicants. In the area of mythical dungeons, on the other hand, the addon of the external website has become popular. This is supposed to help you quickly see which potential teammate is good and which is bad. At least, that is the common opinion of many players.

What does do?

WoW: Rio what? score - useful thing or total garbage? (2) Source: buffed The website reads the data of the characters from the official arsenal and prepares it in various ways. The most important is the progress you have made in the current raids and mythical dungeons. For the Mythic-Plus dungeons category, the tool not only records all your visits, but also evaluates them according to very simplified standards and distributes points. The higher the level you ran and the faster you were, the more points you get for the run. At the end, your highest score for each dungeon is taken and used to calculate your score, which is also split between the different roles. So in addition to your total score, you get one as a tank, one as a healer, and one as a DpS. If you play only one role, then the total score will be equal to the respective role score, while the other two scores will be zero. addon

WoW: Rio what? score - useful thing or total garbage? (4) Source: buffed These scores of each player can be displayed at any time via the ingame addon. You can see the score of each player in the tooltip. If it's an assignable twink, you'll also see the score of the main character. You don't even have to be near the player. The list of candidates for your group in the official search tool is sufficient. Just move your mouse over the list and you will immediately see the score of each player.

High score = good players?

But can you really tell from a high score if you are a good or bad player? The answer here is rather no. But you can definitely read tendencies. Because the score is not directly based on the skill of the player, but on his experience. If you regularly complete dungeons at level 15, you probably know at least the bosses and the roughest tactics, so you will most likely not stand in front of the bosses completely without a plan. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, when players have bought the runs for gold or have four good friends who pull them off.

Nevertheless, we have to limit ourselves here again


Because the score says nothing about whether the player in question has completed every dungeon once or completes dozens of keystones every week within the time limit.
It can still be said that the significance increases the higher the score. Between 500 and 1500 there are only a few additional runs, while the difference between 2000 and 3000 is much more significant. WoW: Rio what? score - useful thing or total garbage? (3) Source: buffed prevents entry

If you start your career in Mythic-Plus dungeons, then logically you don't have a score yet. At the lower levels this is completely irrelevant. However, the higher you go, the harder it gets. As a beginner, you are often completely excluded from high levels, no matter how good the gear or how strong the player is. No Rio, no Invite. This quickly causes frustration for players and annoyance with the addon. It also forces players to complete each dungeon at a high level at least once for a high score. Even if they don't like the dungeon at all and also don't need any loot from it.

How else would one score?

The question is first of all, should you let other players rate via addon at all? Of course, it sounds romantic to say: We don't need such a thing. But what follows from that? If you build a group with random players, you usually want the best players you can get. Because that increases the chance of a successful outcome enormously. So what will these players go after in the future? Equipment level? Chosen class? Hardly anyone will choose their teammates at random or by the sound of their names. Therefore, a disappearance of would not solve the problem, but only shift it somewhere else.

However, the developers at could quietly expand their score with some additions. Unfortunately, not all of them can be read from the arsenal. Penalty points for leaving a group early would probably be just as useful as the score somehow taking into account the amount of runs. That being said, it would certainly be worth considering Blizzard introducing some sort of scoring system of their own. After each match in Overwatch, you're allowed to give credit to your teammates in various categories as seen by others. Why not transfer something like that to WoW (buy now 14,99 € )übertragen?

But now we are interested in your opinion. What do you think about and similar systems - complete garbage or good thing? And feel free to give us arguments why you think so.

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