Members of the Night Fae Pact will be able to collect a number of new Soulforms in WoW Patch 9.1, including the Owl Cat Soulform. Until now, it was unclear how you could get this soul form, but now there is clarity - and it says that you do not just get the soul of the Owl Cat as a gift.

Heroic Heroes you shall be

If you want to collect the Owl Cat Soulform to use for your Night Fae Pact ability, you'll need to head to the Sanctum of Domination. The Owl Cat Soul

drops there from the final boss, Sylvanas Windrunner.

The catch is that you can only get the Owl Cat Soul from the Banshee Queen in Heroic mode of the raid. However, the drop chance is 100 percent, so you only need to complete one run on increased difficulty to add the Soulform to your collection.

In addition to the Owl Cat Soul, you can collect seven other new Soulforms since the release of patch 9.1, including:

  • Hippopotamus Soul: included with a certain probability in the Wild Hunt War Chest, which you receive as a reward for completing a Night Fae attack in the Maw
  • Hyena Soul: random loot when completing Mythic Plus dungeons.
  • Cobra Soul: random loot from completing instanced PvP activities
  • Saurolisk Soul: random loot from the Adamant Vault of Torghast
  • Spider Soul: Random loot from Risstruhen in Korthia
  • Terrorhorn Soul: random loot from the Menagerie Boss in Tazavesh
  • Yak Soul: random loot from boss So'leah in Tazavesh


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