In the WoW Shadowlands beta, it was previously possible to turn the Venthyr signature ability Shadowgate into a spontaneous spell with a Soulbond talent. This would give you up to a 35-yard teleport with no casting time - pretty powerful. However, this Soul Band perk has now been modified. Instead of making Shadow Gate a spontaneous spell, the ability now gets two recharges and the cooldown/recharge time has been increased from 60 to 90 seconds.


lets you select a point on the ground up to 35 meters away and teleports your character to the desired location a short time later (1.5 seconds casting time)


Of course, the destination must be in line of sight, and even the smallest hiccups can prevent a path from being found. The Venthyr ability might not be as strong as it is made out to be, but it still causes discussions in the community.
WoW Shadowlands: Venthyr teleport no longer instant, but with two recharges (2) Source:
Many see the teleport ability as a way to gain an advantage in Mythic Plus dungeons by simply bypassing annoying groups via teleport. After the supposed nerf, you can now even use Shadow Gate twice in a row and cover an even greater distance in a short amount of time. Also in the raid, a targeted teleport should be helpful in one or the other situation. Especially hardcore players feel pressured to choose Venthyr just because a mythical boss fight should be simplified by a teleport.

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