In the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the maximum level of our heroes will be halved. New characters will start as usual with level 1 and fight their way up to level 50 until they reach the Shadowlands, where the last 10 levels can be earned.


player is given a lot of flexibility in the choice of zones, but the level squeeze also brings some challenges for the developers.

For example,

all old dungeons for players between level 1 and 60 must be adapted so that it is still possible to collect his Transmog equipment without problems in lower raids. How exactly the dungeons and raids will scale, we do not know yet. However, it is already clear that you will be able to transmog all items from level 10 onwards, except for the Shadowlands content. This also includes the artifact weapons from Legion.

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So, as seen in MrGM's video above, you can equip your level 10 character with, for example, Aschenbringer and the set from Ny'alotha. Keep in mind that you now also have the option of showing only one side of your shoulder piece or mogging both shoulder sides differently.

Characters from level 1-10 will only have cosmetic items and the vanilla items to choose from (currently still level 60 items and below)


Later earned Shadowlands items can be transmogrified from level 48. Whether this also applies to Shadowlands raid and PvP sets is not yet 100 percent certain, as these are not yet available at the current state of the alpha.

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