The current ID of WoW Classic provided a whole series of remarkable raid successes. We've already reported on the new best times in the Pitchwing Lair and Molten Core (beating Nefarian in under 19 minutes ... still awesome). In the last few days, we've also had two unusual raid groups head to Onyxia's lair to challenge the old dragoness.

We've already had a Shadow Priest successfully tank Onyxia, a raid of 33 Druids, and a 4-player group clip Onyxia's wings. Now we can add to the list a naked raid that took on the denizens of the hoard without armor pieces, rings, weapons, or trinkets (via Wowhead).

The raid consisted mainly of spellcasting classes like mages, warlocks, priests, and paladins, since they can do their job reasonably well without weapons. In addition, the players resorted to a trick so that the tanking paladin could attract Onyxia's attention: After a Mage bulldozed with a Rank 1 Frostbolt, this Paladin cast Great Blessing of Kings on the numerous Mages, giving him a whopping aggro advantage. Here is the record of the run:

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Also noteworthy is a raid from Herod's (US) Fully Exposed guild that consisted of 33 hunters and set a new record time of 58 seconds (!) (via Warcraftlogs). Other classes like Warlock and Rogue only had the task of keeping important debuff effects like Curse of Folly or Weaken Armor active on the boss. They were joined by a Warrior and Druid each to grab the boss's attention, as well as two healing Shamans.


fact that the Waidmen are able to send Onyxia down so quickly is also due to the way


Reveal 8 T2 bonus Weakness works, which provides a huge damage boost with so many hunters, especially when multiple shooters bring this bonus. You can find the recording of the run on Twitch.

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