Until now, druids in WoW could lead a fairly relaxed life among the clouds, because unlike other classes, they never had to learn to fly: As a shapeshifter, they were of course directly offered the opportunity to take to the skies with the ability Flight Shape. Other classes first had to unlock Experienced Riding from the riding trainer for gold. But the developers are bringing the druids down to earth! In the Shadowlands beta, druids must also visit a trainer and pay for Experienced Riding (available at level 30) - only then does the effect of Flight Shape take effect. The

skill description of the latter also explicitly explains that only after learning Experienced Riding can you also fly with your Travel Shape and the movement speed is increased by 150 percent


Not a huge nerf - but bad for roleplaying

Overall, of course, this is not a huge nerf for Druids - the 250 gold fee is practically meaningless. However, it does represent a clear announcement in terms of gameplay vs. roleplay. After all, it hardly makes sense that Druids with the Flight Shape ability still have to learn to fly. Thus, the class has lost one of its natural advantages, which was more of a flair than an unfair strength anyway.

Learning to ride is cheaper overall in Shadowlands

The level squish in Shadowlands will basically reduce the cost of riding, because Skilled Riding flies out of the game as an intermediate step. So you'll have to pay 5,000 gold less to end up with Mastered Riding at level 40


Source: Shadowlands Beta, wowhead

What do you think of this change? Is it just fair or complete nonsense since druids should be able to fly? Write us in the comments!

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