When WoW player Rextroy posts another video, you can be pretty sure that he's either found a loophole in the system that allows him to one-shot players out of existence, mutate into raid bosses, or defeat raid bosses all by himself. Or he can gather an army of players around him and pit 40 Paladins against 40 Death Knights, for example.

For once, though, the current video isn't about knocking anyone out. Quite the opposite, in fact. The goal this time is to keep a player alive as long as possible. Rextroy wants to find out how much healing the six different healer player styles can pump into a single target. More specifically, how long they can keep a player alive as damage increases.

To do this, he goes to Nathria Castle with the six healer specs to the first boss. There you will find a lantern in mythical mode. If you stand in it, you will receive steadily increasing damage. The goal of the exercise now for the healers is to keep the player in it alive as long as possible.

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It must be said, however, that the video has only limited significance. For one thing, the healers are all slightly differently equipped, for another, not all of them are experienced full-time healers. And thirdly, the starting situation is not ideal. Because both the Discipline Priest and the Holy Paladin have the problem of not having an opponent to attack. However, these are essential for a really effective playstyle. Therefore, you shouldn't put too much stock in Rextroy's results. It's exciting to see, though.

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