Thanks to the Corruption Trader, most players can now stock up on the appropriate effects without extreme luck or a lot of gold. However, higher and higher spoilage reduction from our cloak and stacking effects like Indescribable Truth again shows how broken the system is, which led to a hotfix for Indescribable Truth. It won't stop at the adjustment for this spoilage effect, though, in my opinion.


nerf list includes mainly effects that will prove to be problematic in PvP. There are for example Masterful or Resolute, which will make the already problematic specs like Destruction Witch Master or Fire Mage even stronger. Great Pyro Strike and Chaos Bolt will do their absurdly high damage even faster thanks to Resolute, as long as the enemy team is not fully stocked up on Versatile.

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Versatile already causes games to almost regularly go up to almost 60% dampening on AWC and the game doesn't actually start until the dampening effect has risen to over 30%. At least in PvP, I see Masterful, Determined, and Versatile as nerf candidates for the next few weeks.

Last but not least, there's Infinite Stars, which for some reason does a lot more damage especially to Demon Hunters than other classes. It's probably due to the combination of frequent attacks coupled with some DoT damage. We still don't know the exact formula for how fast the stacks of this debuff build up. Infinite Stars wouldn't have to be generated in PvE per se, but something about the way certain classes build the stacks. Because damage breakdowns like this one are already ridiculous.
WoW Column: I think more spoilage nerfs will follow (2) Source: buffed
Especially Paladins and Priests, who have previously stocked up on Indescribable Truth, are now looking down the tube. I hope there will be at least a small compensation for those who spent their Echoes of Ny'alotha for nothing now and in the future because the effects had to be toned downSupport

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