We have reported several times in recent weeks that the ban penalties imposed by Blizzard in WoW Classic have repeatedly caught the wrong people. In many of these cases, a large chunk of gold had previously changed hands - for example, because of the sale of Black Lotus or because of a gold DKP run in which a player was able to secure the Raptor Mount in Zul'Gurub. Only when the affected players raised a lot of dust on community platforms like Reddit, the developers checked again and unlocked the accounts.

But not only in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic something like this can happen to you. On Reddit, a BfA player now reports that he was mistakenly banned for three days. On the contrary, KidJustice wanted to help expose some gold cheats on his server. They pretend to sell Mythic-Plus-Runs for gold, only to then simply disappear with the gold without fulfilling the advertised performance.

Specifically, the player sought contact with the scammers and arranged a Mythic Plus run to keystone level 10 for 100,000 gold pieces. As soon as the service provider had the gold, he logged out. With the screenshots in hand, KidJustice then reported the case. Later, he was contacted by a gamemaster who explained that the gold could not be refunded and promised that the cheater would be punished. Perfect, KidJustice thought to himself. He didn't expect the gold to be recovered anyway. The main thing is that the cheaters disappear from the scene.

15 minutes later KidJustice was unexpectedly logged out, he had received a 3-day ban. According to the associated message, he is said to have violated WoW's user agreements. You can find the full message as well as the GM message in the Reddit post.

The person concerned now speculates that the cheater could have reported him in parallel, that Blizzard suspects a real-money sale behind the gold exchange or that the responsible employee simply made a mistake and banned the wrong


If the latter possibility is the case, a 3-day ban for such an offense doesn't seem very intimidating - or how do you see it?

If there is an update on the case, we will of course keep you informed.

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